Monday, December 26, 2011

Chocolate Chip loves to eat make that he loves to take paper & eat it into
*circles*... I have found that when I pick up his *circles* they very often have little messages on them... Just what does this mean??

I am not fully sure? But I do keep them all (~.~) This was the Latest!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

oh well

oh well.. this is `self serve' what can I say? I have learned so much from this bunny...He is soooo stealth..if you open a door to a room he is NOT allowed in ~ZOOM~ suddenly a waft and breeze flow past you. Before you Have any idea what is going on the door is shuddering & you think you saw something? maybe not? You go to look? Nothing ... Chip is tucked quietly under the bed securely in a tight position- under the MIDDLE of the bed. No Way you are going to get him out. No way! just as he intends..yep! smart bunny.
Just like this treat jar. He just hops up on the arm of the chair - like a parrot. He will do thiseven pick the jar he wants. :0) I admit it is soooo cute. He will get to the point that he will push it right off the darn table - over the edge. :0( an alley opps. Not pretty. He will get in the chair & get it to *rock & rolling* for attention! it is a rocker! Then he will not leave you alone when you sit in it, when you have a movie & snack.
Today, I am relocating things in the living room YIKES! His poor brother dog has gone blind except for a wee tiny bit-the vet says like a` pin hole of light' so we have left things for him to be the same so he `knows where everything is'. But he has trouble getting to outside & is having accidents. SO we have set up potty pads, & we moved 1 of his beds closer to the door & pads & away from the TV & stereo speakers. He has a kennel cab w/ fat homemade mattress & all his toys in the other side of the living room. Chip is having his things moved over that way too. Yikes. We have been slowly doing it for days...inches each day...ughhhh. Cleaning, dusting-Discovering as we go. I discovered Chip has eated an entire part of the dust ruffle off of the Sofa !!!! %@^#@% Photos WILL follow. I resigned myself that it is something that can be replaced a new ruffle or new sofa. But still #$@& !!! Wait until you see it. My minature dutch bunnies Never did this. #&$*%@ MINI REX he is so Freakin smart - I am sure he is doing all this in retaliation for ear cleaning,nail clipping & teeth filing ;0) What do you think? He Adores my DH. And will avoid me now at all cost.... hmmmm. But I am not the `snack master'.
Thats it for now.
{{{bunny hugs}} bless you

Monday, September 5, 2011

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fuzzy wuzzy

 Chip is our Fuzzy wuzzy but is he fuzzy anymore ?
Chippy was NOT very happy about this but w/Rex velveteen
fur.. he needs a little help now & then.

Mini Rex bunny aka/Veleveteens have thick *soft* fur...but every so often they go thru a shed, Chip being a house bunny and-well, being Chip, gets  *disturbed *when his fur is `out of sorts'.
So I help him out. This was a scissor trim,leaving a super soft belly. He *panics* when we do any hygiene activity. We did nails, ears,cleaned his bottom glands,some duct tape down the back to get lose fur. and Chippy is brand new..But Mad
All is well~Chippy got treats~he is mad at me~
~always happens~
I have to beg forgivness! He gives me the *butt* and turns and leaves...will go to anyone but me for a day or 2. I have to get down on the floor, tell him" forgive me I am sorry"  over and over until he turns around to face me...this is for real.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

last dayfor designgives back   leave a comment  right now

The party's Over~Where is Chippy? Under a Table?
since we know Chippy is  right there
recuperating from his party...please take time..
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we will have a give away soon
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{{{big bunny hugs}}}
 I will put all the names in & you know how Chippy LOVES paper~ He will grab a piece & it will be our winner

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Chippy Parties W/design gives Back

this is an article about little Charlie~the link above takes you it-Give it a read.

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

The carrot's out of the box in bed?

 Look closely the box is tied with kite string to a  bunny statue so Chip can't take it all over the house and it is in the box so he can't make a mess all over-Carrot surprise box waiting!
 LOOK AT what we found!!-Carrot out of the box~Box out of the assigned area!Chip hiding-look close-straight back behind the hudei house-past the multi colored tunnel-there is Chip
I don't know why he was hiding? or what he thought?... Other than  he flipped it out of the box area ..I haven't figured it out yet? or why he left it in such a perfect pile of Timothy? Like it's in bed?...
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WE CAN DO THIS...  Chip said if there is a good plan he's in ..see he is looking it over & he has approved!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Design Angels

This is about earth angels who do wonderful extraordinary things most people never hear about. I have  the pleasure of knowing 1 such Beautiful Angel design~host Kelee Katillac...Please click on the link & view the video over there..Pleease leave a comment!! every comment a dollar is donnated !!!   BE an angel LEAVE A COMMENT
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( I could not figure out how to imbed the video so you have to click on the link
 Chocolate Chip felt so  emotional after seeing the video he needed to lie down  and rest  to gather his composure. So we will try to continue w/out him for a bit~ok?
It is really to hard really break it down... because  everything is so facinating at  so much is always going much attention to the smallest detail concerning the each person. Colors, Dreams...thats the
holostic part of Kelee I see come thru that I really admire that is so special.
Kelee b:w Host and Founder: Interior design expert Kelee Katillac has spent over twenty years transforming homes and lives. She is a leader in holistic design. Katillac has been a guest on CNN, The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Discovery Channel, Pure Oxygen, The Family Network and many others. Katillac's work has been featured in the pages of USA TodayHouse BeautifulBetter Homes and GardensDesigner BuilderCountry HomeBody and; Soul, The Utne Reader and hundreds of other publications worldwide. In addition, she is the author of two award-winning books including House of Belief: Creating Your Personal Style and Kids' Rooms for Believing and Belonging. Katillac founded Design Gives Back to help those in-need -- or critically ill -- to have furnished, functional, and hope-filled homes. She has been the national director for Habitat for Humanity's House of Belief DIY Workshop Series, and is currently the Inspired Home Expert for Guideposts: America's #1 Inspirational Magazine
this is my what I send to friends that are dear to me for inspiration support, and love!!

click this on see what miracle a team of Angels did

 Sam_RNI BW2 Television Production: Design Gives Back Media includes talent and experience from director Sam Sullivant. He has worked on productions for The Oprah Winfrey Show, Extreme Home Makeover, American Idol and others. His corporate video resume includes Ford, Hallmark, Applebees, McDonalds, and Colgate, to name just a few. Sullivant brings cutting-edge technical skills and a warm story- telling perspective to lead our video production team. 

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

taking advice for Chip's carrot in a box,sshhh

OK  I did it.. Look and see... The carrot is out of the box!  *heehee*     I
I have the carrot set so it is `sticking out of the box'  so we will see what the Chipper doodle will do. Right now he is *thumping mad* at me because I cleaned house `really good', meaning I moved all his`things' so that I could clean. Vacume, dust moved his rocks, his hidey house, his basil-cilantro dish,
his chip dish, all of his toys, his books, his papers..pretty much everything got *touched* yes much to
Chocolate Chips dismay. If you know mini rex's/velveteen's they h-a-t-e change in the least little bit.
He came over sniffing around while I was using duct tape on the carpet trying to get all the
timothy out of the carpet, he came 'round behind me as was wiping the marble fireplace base off with timothy,by then I would have touched everything of Chips. So we set out fresh crasins,new basil,  cilantro, timothy, lined his books & paper back to his cozy corner. When we cleared out of the room, he investigated  everything, Moved some thing around and began an evening of *loud thumping*.

Camera is at the ready, family is in on it..
{{{bunny hugs}}}

Saturday, August 6, 2011

bunny sleeps with bunny

  Chip is sleeping under a loveseat sofa that reclines on each side so on 1 side we leave the recliner foot slightly up  so Chip has another *private*  area ~1 of many around  the house 
 I found him sound asleep and when I began taking photos he was just sooo cute with         little  bunny face on his little bunny
 LOOK AT THAT FACE  ...awwww I found Chocolate Chip sleeping with his bunny,so cute!
Happy Dreams Chocolate Chip and all the sweet buns who have loving care and prayers for those who are in need of loving care

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Basil & Bunny

I just picked this Basil from the herb garden everything is beautiful except a few leaves, I am still
having problems with *something* making holes see the few leaves in the front? It is now just a few~it had been, ALOT of leaves, I have been working on this, I have it figured out! My menace-
A Grasshopper! Yes a tiny stupid grasshopper !! Next a plan of destruction.

You know, this looks like a familiar pose?   Chip does seem to tuck himself into a specific little pose when he eats ~ happy..does that make sense? he brings his back feet in and settles his front paws just so wiggles his butt till everything is just right then he has this glazed look on his face. then..nom nom nomnom That's why this looks so familiar. I bet if I look back at many photos of him eating ~bingo~ they will all be similar!!

Chocolate Chip happy with a fresh Bowl of fresh Basil.!!!!Nom nom nom nom

Monday, July 25, 2011

surprise in the timothy box!!shhh

SHHHH!!!!  Don't tell I found out the surprise in the Timothy box.
Take a look here it is: Fast I have to put it back fast Before Chip sees us. It's Sooo
cute an itty bitty carrot awww ... silly Cip has not found it yet, he gets too side tracked with the sweet yummy Timothy in his tummy. Oh yeah and I keep stuffing
the box with more Timothy....heheehee he may not find it for quite a while..
OK, What do you think?  Should I leave Chip's box alone so *maybe* he can find his itty bitty carrot? or keep stuffing it with timothy and maybe move it around?
 Advice anyone??
 {{{bunny hugs}}}  

Sweet Timothy & a prize in the box?

"I have a new *toy* it's filled with one of my favorites sweet Timothy,
and if I dig around real good I will find a surprise!! Yipee"

~muffled ~ "I know it's in here some where"

"Ohhhh This is sooo yummy....Nom nom nom nom...this is just the best Timothy ever!  uh oh I forgot um why was I  uh..
oh yeah there is a surprise...."

"I will go back in and complete my mission for the surprise."

"ahhh ....this is soooo yummy, I love my Timothy  Nom Nom Nom Nom.. "
Chocolate Chip is eating his Timothy`in a small box that has a wee surprise'
I have not looked for it yet. Shoot let me go look. Ok, how adorable it is a wee wooden carrot. I will post it's photo. It said `fruit flavor' when I ordered it. haha. Too cute! 
 I have used the same place for all of my bunny supplies for 21 pleased years     
   Check them You can have a catalog sent to you free. Run by Real Vet's,They have their own Pharmacy.   I have found that their prices are always lower than all my local pet stores, walmart, target, feed store,you name-it as a pet owner, (we had 3 small dogs and 6 minature dutch bunnies now ) you prices shop. Once you find a place whose prices beat any store... When I bought Chip a corner liter box I found it at Foster&Smith $2 less,They are not just a smidge cheaper. I usually get enough to get free shipping.
Go back thru my blog and see some of his favorites treats.
Hope this helps my fellow Bunny friends.
sorry I have been spotty blogging I have pneumonia presently and feel :<(    coughing and weak ughhhh    going on 2 wks now :<(

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Chip gets caught???

UH OH  Chippy what are you doing over there with the sofa???

"no one noticed me did they?? I just like to lick the
fabric then pull it apart..but I tend to get in trouble for this, so I do it when no one is looking"

"no one can see me here right? I am totally hidden, I blend...I think I am safe, no problem

I will be over at my book blog posting some reviews check it ..Chip has a book also :>)

Fresh Cilantro  "nomanomnomnomnomnom"

OK now just calm down Chocolate Chip the entire bowl is yours..that's a good bunny slow down take a breath-don't get grumpy at me. "nomanomnom"

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Chip Chillin on a sunny day



     hug your crazy bunny if he lets you today

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

rainbow bridge

This is a Wonderful Bunny site that must be visited. Deb's family rescued Freckles.But I believe Freckles might have been sent specially to Deb and she was the earth Angel that was matched to bring all the stories to us. You read and decide. The last Story on the site now is beautiful and heartbreaking. It blends with FRANKS leaving us for the Rainbow Bridge. Deb sits and tells Freckles the legend of  of the Rainbow bridge  as Freckles readys for the last sleep and Deb prepares Freckles for the Journey..and talks about until they met again.. heartbreaking tears.. every time I read it...a must read.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

3 trees w/ shinning star

So..I am kind of stuck, I don't know what direction to take with this? I guess it have to see where my strips lead me...uughhh. soo I am going to walk away...for now looking back.... I mean this is hanging in my sewing area-so it looks at me all the time :O( I had ~Great~ ideas when I began it then `things' happened, 9/11 we moved packed my big sewing studio-all my fabrics & even my sewing table gone... moved into smaller home, Much smaller. No real reason, just the area dictated it. But many adjustments... Then I had a discovery of a mass on my rt arm & long operation-went sideways & lost ability to use hand... 2nd surgery within 2 yrs just for pain not to gain use..and I am struggling to `do' my ARTS. Enough of that. Lucky I had these things `done'- but my scope of completion the view I want, I am still working on. I have worked out sewing-crocheting knitting etc..just takes me -ALOT- longer than the average `anyone' ( this writing) probally took an hr :0( to write gasp) oh well in Life we all must learn to adapt. Litening to Adelle. 1 song has a bit of Coldplay to it in the beginning. Love her. Wow can that girl WAIL. Summer Haze {{healing prayes to all out there}} <

Monday, May 30, 2011

Sweet Frank

A LOVING BUNNY FRANK  has left us this sad Monday morning but I know The Lord had waiting His best Angels to guide our dear Frank to the Rainbow bridge. I have followed  Sweet Frank  and have loved him and I tremble with tears and sadness at his loss, Imagine his dear Nicole at this time.   Such a loss is much to bear when we care for beloved buns,  nursing them thru illness, sleepless nights.
Sweet Frank  gracing us for 10-12 years what a blessing~ 
 He had a wonderful life !!    What a wonderful team!!
Today I am in tears, no beyond tears, sobbing, my head is throbbing and nose is stuffed~as I sit stunned with the news a dear bunny friend Frank has lost his valiant struggle.  We have lost a dear sweet friend. Nicole has cared and loved Frank for many years as dear Frank was a family member.He was about 10-12ish. I wish I had a photo  Frank is a beauty soft chestnut with a white nose such a doll.  He just makes you smile. I would LOVE for everyone to bid Frank a farewell and give Love to Nicole who must be in pain...the kind I call you either sit still in 1 place crying and can't move and hope no one interfers with your misery so you can embrace it or it is so painful it takes to to your knees on the floor and with out reliazing it screams come out of you and you don't know where  or how  then you wonder if the pain will ever stop every time you think of your loss.    ( I lost a son, my dad recently but my buns I tell you having gone thru those 2 losses are just as bad) so grieve-cry-scream ..I do and I stand before the Lord proudly doing so! I love them and raise them they are worthy of the same grief and love.(((HUGS))

  May Archangel Michael be at your right hand
     Gabriel at your left~before you Uriel
Behind you Raphael and above you sweet Frank
The Divine Presence of God our Heavenly Father

chocolate chip n' pita chips

Chocolate Chip got hold of the bag of Pita Chips-He LOVES these!!

Chip is working his way stealthily into the bag of his beloved Pita Chips-during a beverage break
 all rights reserved-copy righted 2011
 Our Sweet Chocolate Chip has a problem! When my beloved husband has a snack, which is every night
and in the same chair...Chip has a little chair next to this chair and chip has figured out that he LOVES
certian SNACKS!  Now  we have NO idea how he can figure this out but he does. He just KNOWS when it is
Pita Chips! He can he in another room-and he will come out of nowhere and suddenly be sitting on the arm of the recliner...waiting...for a pita chip. These pictures were taken when I was on a loveseat sofa, I have mini camera and books all over, they went out for beverage, Chip thought~OMG THE BAG OF CHIPS IS ALL MINE

 .....time to get the basil  out, I'm just sayin-he can get out-of-control!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

crazy rabbit!!!!

We walked into the living room, dear husband was home with fever resting-left for a beverage this is what we found???? Chocolate Chip claiming reign of the sofa? 
What the.....crazy rabbit