Saturday, August 6, 2011

bunny sleeps with bunny

  Chip is sleeping under a loveseat sofa that reclines on each side so on 1 side we leave the recliner foot slightly up  so Chip has another *private*  area ~1 of many around  the house 
 I found him sound asleep and when I began taking photos he was just sooo cute with         little  bunny face on his little bunny
 LOOK AT THAT FACE  ...awwww I found Chocolate Chip sleeping with his bunny,so cute!
Happy Dreams Chocolate Chip and all the sweet buns who have loving care and prayers for those who are in need of loving care


  1. Hi Choc Chip & Anna!

    This absolutely slays me. My heart is so happy just looking at Chip and bunny! How completely precious and amazing. How do you do it? I would just be watching all day and not doing anything else...

    I am going to show Oliver Wendell. He wishes he could meet Chip.

    Anna thank-you for your kindness filled comments! I so appreciate the encouragement and love. You are right--everyone's love finds it way to the rooms we do....

    Thank-you so much!

  2. It is soo good to *see* you back!! Say Hi to Oliver Wendell, We have missed him. You will always have my love & support. xoxo