Monday, December 6, 2010

me and my blankie

Chocolate Chip always finds a blankie this time up on the sofa....that is the cutest face.....don't you just want to grab him and give him a big squeeze?? well he does not like that-it has to be `his' idea or forget it... he has to come to you...silly our house..he adores my husband  (probably because he does not do the grooming-nails clipping-cleaning ears..he is just the fun guy with treats) so I get to send cyber
   ((((((hugs and kisses))))) to that silly cute bunny
have a fun bunny day

chocolate chip & snowmen

Chocolate Chip once again finds a favorite piece of paper to munch on while perched on the sofa, while in the background a gathering if wee snowmen & nutcrackers collect by a handmade German feather tree I made.  Not a care in his world.. Actually Chip began trailing Jolli the dog outside & his `new' thing is he now `insists' he `go' outside every few hours to use a special corner of the deck for his private `potty' he will even go to the darn door and scratch it... then zoom back in the house & I have to leave a strawberry & honey hoop treat in his dish & he takes it & does 3 loops around the living room after he is done. He actually makes the dog feel bad because the dog will come back in when it is too cold & the bunny is still out in his corner doing his business...then the dog watches from the door & slowly goes back out & in & out like he is being shamed by the bunny to do has gotten very funny, I think the bunny is re training the poor 13 year old dog. But hey- less papers to clean up so...
I have never seen anything like this...I HAVE had bunnies for most of my life~ never seen anything like this. funny little guy.

Have a happy day