Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wicker Chair Re-do

Chocolate Chip has his own little  chair & is `re-styling' it ...??
He enjoys this `activity'  and seems to have quite a flair for decorating....or so he thinks- there is always quite a mess from this `artist' ..the debris field itself is interesting...He LOVES it... wee bits of wicker & bunny grass mats all over... He will drag this chair all over the living room in his quest to ~ deconstruct~   oops
I mean re-style  his chair.. we will keep you posted with current  photos as his decorating comes along. ((HUGS))

bunny flop

after keeping up on all the current reading trends ...& decorating ...ooh- well, I need to take a wee nap..

 we can talk more later... chip out

golly have't we all felt like this? but who has the courage of a bunny to JUST bunny flop
 and say
 `I am tired and that is it for now..done..not another I said nope.'

fuzzy butt

"HMMMmm I wonder what is back here?"       
  Chocolate Chip  fuzzy butt

it's my party

One dark & stormy night Chocolate chip found this pretty little box on a lonely step.
"Hmmm" he thought," such a pretty cardboard box, no one would mind if I play for a few minutes..
"It's my party & I can eat the pretty paper.. uh oh, is someone coming?"

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I want to introduce to to some wonderful art angels... kelee katillac designer ~ who creates `sacred spaces'..
you must see her blog for the room makeover --for the stunning room make for Collette a cancer patient. The following blogs artist's have art work included in the room.. ( i love their work) you must check them out ..such wonderful beautiful work Penny Carlson-mosiac artist Erin Hougton and; her dog Bentley of the Painted Garden

(((angel hugs))

Monday, September 6, 2010

nom a nom a nom a nom

basil is yummy--nom a nom
paper is yummy?

 Dear sweet Chocolate chip loves to jump up on the sofa next to me, I usually have a wee dish for a papaya snack or a strawberry/honey hoop treat that he loves, this time he decided he would rather have a piece of my paper. He LOVES papers & books. I often think of taking him to a used book store in our village and I wonder what would happen if Chip would be able to have a few minutes to `chose' a few books.....heehee I think he would be SO HAPPY.
He is potty trained, whats the harm?  hmm
 Do have a lovely day

favorite things

Chocolate Chip & some of his favorite play toys. It is a lazy Labor day weekend. Basil to be harvested we ordered grass mats & new treats for bunny...can not wait.