Monday, July 25, 2011

surprise in the timothy box!!shhh

SHHHH!!!!  Don't tell I found out the surprise in the Timothy box.
Take a look here it is: Fast I have to put it back fast Before Chip sees us. It's Sooo
cute an itty bitty carrot awww ... silly Cip has not found it yet, he gets too side tracked with the sweet yummy Timothy in his tummy. Oh yeah and I keep stuffing
the box with more Timothy....heheehee he may not find it for quite a while..
OK, What do you think?  Should I leave Chip's box alone so *maybe* he can find his itty bitty carrot? or keep stuffing it with timothy and maybe move it around?
 Advice anyone??
 {{{bunny hugs}}}  

Sweet Timothy & a prize in the box?

"I have a new *toy* it's filled with one of my favorites sweet Timothy,
and if I dig around real good I will find a surprise!! Yipee"

~muffled ~ "I know it's in here some where"

"Ohhhh This is sooo yummy....Nom nom nom nom...this is just the best Timothy ever!  uh oh I forgot um why was I  uh..
oh yeah there is a surprise...."

"I will go back in and complete my mission for the surprise."

"ahhh ....this is soooo yummy, I love my Timothy  Nom Nom Nom Nom.. "
Chocolate Chip is eating his Timothy`in a small box that has a wee surprise'
I have not looked for it yet. Shoot let me go look. Ok, how adorable it is a wee wooden carrot. I will post it's photo. It said `fruit flavor' when I ordered it. haha. Too cute! 
 I have used the same place for all of my bunny supplies for 21 pleased years     
   Check them You can have a catalog sent to you free. Run by Real Vet's,They have their own Pharmacy.   I have found that their prices are always lower than all my local pet stores, walmart, target, feed store,you name-it as a pet owner, (we had 3 small dogs and 6 minature dutch bunnies now ) you prices shop. Once you find a place whose prices beat any store... When I bought Chip a corner liter box I found it at Foster&Smith $2 less,They are not just a smidge cheaper. I usually get enough to get free shipping.
Go back thru my blog and see some of his favorites treats.
Hope this helps my fellow Bunny friends.
sorry I have been spotty blogging I have pneumonia presently and feel :<(    coughing and weak ughhhh    going on 2 wks now :<(

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Chip gets caught???

UH OH  Chippy what are you doing over there with the sofa???

"no one noticed me did they?? I just like to lick the
fabric then pull it apart..but I tend to get in trouble for this, so I do it when no one is looking"

"no one can see me here right? I am totally hidden, I blend...I think I am safe, no problem

I will be over at my book blog posting some reviews check it ..Chip has a book also :>)

Fresh Cilantro  "nomanomnomnomnomnom"

OK now just calm down Chocolate Chip the entire bowl is yours..that's a good bunny slow down take a breath-don't get grumpy at me. "nomanomnom"