Monday, July 25, 2011

surprise in the timothy box!!shhh

SHHHH!!!!  Don't tell I found out the surprise in the Timothy box.
Take a look here it is: Fast I have to put it back fast Before Chip sees us. It's Sooo
cute an itty bitty carrot awww ... silly Cip has not found it yet, he gets too side tracked with the sweet yummy Timothy in his tummy. Oh yeah and I keep stuffing
the box with more Timothy....heheehee he may not find it for quite a while..
OK, What do you think?  Should I leave Chip's box alone so *maybe* he can find his itty bitty carrot? or keep stuffing it with timothy and maybe move it around?
 Advice anyone??
 {{{bunny hugs}}}  


  1. I think leave it poking out at one side and see if he sees it... he will be very excited!

  2. Ok I shall give that a try-lets see character Chip does. It is amazing how smart he is. Camera at the ready.

  3. So, I am out-of-the-loop... do bunnies eat wood... ?