Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Basil & Bunny

I just picked this Basil from the herb garden everything is beautiful except a few leaves, I am still
having problems with *something* making holes see the few leaves in the front? It is now just a few~it had been, ALOT of leaves, I have been working on this, I have it figured out! My menace-
A Grasshopper! Yes a tiny stupid grasshopper !! Next a plan of destruction.

You know, this looks like a familiar pose?   Chip does seem to tuck himself into a specific little pose when he eats ~ happy..does that make sense? he brings his back feet in and settles his front paws just so wiggles his butt till everything is just right then he has this glazed look on his face. then..nom nom nomnom That's why this looks so familiar. I bet if I look back at many photos of him eating ~bingo~ they will all be similar!!

Chocolate Chip happy with a fresh Bowl of fresh Basil.!!!!Nom nom nom nom

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