Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fuzzy wuzzy

 Chip is our Fuzzy wuzzy but is he fuzzy anymore ?
Chippy was NOT very happy about this but w/Rex velveteen
fur.. he needs a little help now & then.

Mini Rex bunny aka/Veleveteens have thick *soft* fur...but every so often they go thru a shed, Chip being a house bunny and-well, being Chip, gets  *disturbed *when his fur is `out of sorts'.
So I help him out. This was a scissor trim,leaving a super soft belly. He *panics* when we do any hygiene activity. We did nails, ears,cleaned his bottom glands,some duct tape down the back to get lose fur. and Chippy is brand new..But Mad
All is well~Chippy got treats~he is mad at me~
~always happens~
I have to beg forgivness! He gives me the *butt* and turns and leaves...will go to anyone but me for a day or 2. I have to get down on the floor, tell him" forgive me I am sorry"  over and over until he turns around to face me...this is for real.


  1. Hi my friend! Thanks so much for offering to let us come visit with you and the Chip boy! We live in New Bern, which is on the coast. Our power was returned Friday morning. I had to leave you a comment here as you are a no reply comment blogger and there is no email listed.
    Thanks again for thinking of us and if I ever get to Charlotte, I'll stop by for a visit!
    xx, shell