Sunday, August 14, 2011

The carrot's out of the box in bed?

 Look closely the box is tied with kite string to a  bunny statue so Chip can't take it all over the house and it is in the box so he can't make a mess all over-Carrot surprise box waiting!
 LOOK AT what we found!!-Carrot out of the box~Box out of the assigned area!Chip hiding-look close-straight back behind the hudei house-past the multi colored tunnel-there is Chip
I don't know why he was hiding? or what he thought?... Other than  he flipped it out of the box area ..I haven't figured it out yet? or why he left it in such a perfect pile of Timothy? Like it's in bed?...
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  1. I rather like to lurk but I am here all the time & I did comment over therefor $.

  2. Maybe its his new baby...

    is he hiding because he thinks he's in trouble? Because its out of the box...

    He could do anything in my house... he is SOOOOOOOOO


    love, kelee

  3. I have yet to figure out what he is up to? It's a mystery to me! Unless while he was doing this someone *stormed*thru the livingroom? You know how `boy children' do this? Chip gets edgy when he is doing something `*wrong* {smiling} But the wee pile is so nice, I never noticed but Chip does keep his thingss in little piles~just all over the place. A pile here a pile there...
    OH YES Bunnies eat wood. That is a good photo shoot. How many tables, doors, wall edges, table legs..has Chippy eaten? OY! he has a branch box..blocks of wood...I clip his teeth.... He is not bad anymore vs when we rescued him & fixed him up.

  4. I did not reliaze I was not a follower :( I am now. Chippy can do a circle dance? I made comment & became a follower for the designgiveback site I will go back because I don't have timme to do more now. This took a bunch more time than I thought but no problem, I will go over to the book site & join.

  5. Thank you for doing your part for the Miracle Makeover.

  6. I wanted you to know I left comments at several links for this day & I have enjoyed Chippys blogs---sooo adorable-I saw him at the designgiveback page then he was gone`poof' ?