Sunday, August 14, 2011  keep visiting them at the place where angels create...until August 18th we all have the opportunity to be jr angels a chance to grow our wings by commenting EVERY DAY at this site   a dollar is donated
every time you comment.. that can really really help the Angels with the work they the video to see what they create. Kelee is A..mazing~ such a soul,heartfelt love oozes truthfully you FEEL it!! Shelly her gift also is God given.. such a team AAAmazing. How fortunate for cancer kids to have this to look forward to instead of  goodness.
WE CAN DO THIS...  Chip said if there is a good plan he's in ..see he is looking it over & he has approved!!


  1. I left several comments for your Design Angels and I became a Follower. Give Chocolate Chip a Nose Bonk because became a follower here & at the book site. Hope they make lots of money

  2. Chip is too funny,I have never seen a bunny with such personality. I did comments today 4 the Design Angels & your friend Kelee it feels nice to help.

  3. Thanks to everyone...Love to you ALL! Maybe I will do a giveaway soon since so many helped. I'd love to to thatStay tuned.
    {{big bunny hugs}}