Wednesday, February 24, 2010


cold -rainy day another headache. I dont have the energy to take the medication.
Chocolate Chip has a new trick. He began jumping up on the sofa! Whats that about?
at 1st he jumped up an looked around & right back down. Then as the evening went on he would come back & stayed longer. I gave him a crasin, & he looked around, dug the blanket-then took off.
Crazy bunny. Then he did it all evening long AND began to walk the entire length of the sofa & hop to the chair next to it???? whats going on...... dosen't appear to want anything..likes to jump?
wants company? we are right here..hmmm

Monday, February 22, 2010

yummm..a box

Nothing like a good box for a little snack.

sleeping bunny-shhhh

such a sweetie......chocolate chip, shhhhh....bunny sleeping.

yummm... chunky pineapple

chocolate chip's new favorite~~ chopped chunky pinneapple ..look at that adorable face.

applique- earth angels -books

I love to sew, quilt & applique. I draw my own pictures or photograph them. I think about what I want to make & get nervous that I can do it, I research `how to' - `how to iron', `how to sew', `how to applique', `how to use my machine', `what material is best' .... I make myself crazy until I actually START... Sometimes, if I have several things going at once... WELL...I do not know how the human mind works??
I pretty much learned all my sewing, quilting,crochet, embroidery from books & kits. My dear cousin Laurel spent a summer with us when we were kids & she had a knitting-crochet 4H project -I bugged all summer to teach me both. I was maybe 9-10. I must have made her summer the `summer of hell'. BUT-now I am an Excellent Crocheter & Knitter, and I have made everyone a nice crochet blanket. I work with several charity organizations, using my crochet skills I help to make comfortghans & angels for fallen solders families & folks with illness for many years , until just recently when I had the auto accident. I am on on a wee break.I had to rehab myself -I have memory loss -so I have to remind myself of things. I have a bag of crochet squares that I have been not able to do for the last few months due to not remembering how. I look at it all the time & go over the directions until one day it should just `all come back'? I cherish My beloved cousin Laurel, not for that. What we became to each other as adults is more important. We have always been there for each other.. .children, parents, divorce, weight issues, job problems, love, lack of love, spiritual, whatever ..... across the miles.I have moved across the country-3000 miles.She has traveled all the way- by herself with her 2 young kids to - visit. We have always kept in touch & most of all we just understand the other -- NO Judgement .She is a nurse, a loving,kind giving person. She joined the navy so she could go to nursing college. She has never stopped. She has her kids. Then..her dad died on his retirement trip at her home.HeartBreaking. Not long after-her husband lost his job & they were moving back home. He decided to stay with the house while it was on the market & she came back with the kids & moved in her old family house (the house had been packed up everything shipped) to her dismay he just never came was terrible .. -she returned to nursing and school work & her children has been in school for the last I can'tkeep track of the years getting higher education degrees. SHE IS AMAZING. Her children have both done well, daughter in college, going for medical education, son graduates this year. She is my hero- she has done it! raised her kids thru school... by herself..... AND taken along her brothers kids most of the time ... but I guess that is another story. I have been thinking about it she should write about survival..because thats what it was really bad... and she did ..survive..he sent no money..he made it terrible..lawyers across the country...plane fare-court costs..he was satan...she kept it all from the kids.. the stress I can not believe .... then living with her MOM auughhhhhh.... I would DIE.... what a life...she should be SAINTED She has her up's & downs like do I want to live today ??? why me??? I wish we could be closer ...I think she is an earth angel who works so hard & she think no one notices. Thats what an earth angel is.....
One who feel so much pain....they wonder why....why there is so much pain & why do I feel it so much..... yet she gives all the time never thinking of stopping....I do the the last drop of blood.....cut from the same cloth. thats a nice feeling to know someone so much the same.

I Love books. But I don't read as much since the accident - I listen to everyone. I read everything. I don't know what I have done more: embroidery,quilting, applique, patchwork,needlepoint... painting, woodworking . Crochet would have to be put in a different area because I have done so much of it for charity. I have worked day & night when I had specific things needed, or when I was helping a friends charity.. I can't calculate . As I look around my home I see all the quilting & embroidery & applique & I know how much more is `in the works' hahaahaa. Back to books, My 1st books were from my good friend Barbara, a woman I babysat for & whom to this day I have remained good friends with.( She is very ill, is '03 she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer stage4 & has battled it fiercely....) began getting me my 1st sewing books-the Better Homes & Garden & the books like that, where I learned crafts & stitches. I did not have a local library. We lived rural, you would have to `pay' to use the library. Who could do that? Those were exactly the ones that could NOT pay to us the damn library. how stupid. So the books I was given were like gold. I have them all... still refer to them as old as they are.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

pain day and Crasins rule

Brr.....another cold day. I have been dealing with severe back & neck pain. I have had a very high pain tolerance (childhood accidents-another story I'll share later) so I avoid drugs & can't use alcohol. Stupid huh? I don't know..... I have some medical knowledge, we have most of my medical records. Not allot you can do with back & neck. My Dr last said he thought neck surgery ....
We were in a car crash last year, and out of that I got an excellent neurologist. He treats me for chronic migraines which he thinks can help deal with the neck & back pain keeping control. Well the head pain began last night, I have to take the blue pill. It helps, but makes me sick. no difference.
Chocolate chip ran out of his favorite pellets !!!!! I don't know how this happened I guess we thought we had another jar in the pantry.....auuughhhh
he is very particular...and you can NOT fool him with the wrong food. Don't even try. One time my Beloved tried-he thought he could save a little by getting a less expensive brand of timothy & pellets... Chocolate Chip just REFUSED to eat in this `save' money... we ended up with several 5lb bags of cheap pellets -- if you read the label really are low protein -- which is NOT good for the MINI REX.. the Mini Rex should have %16 %18 percent protein pellet & all the timothy
they want. The Pellet Chocolate Chip refused said 14 percent & 15percent, you could even see the difference. One was very skinny & all the pellets broken into to tiny bits, the other was a fatter pellet and not as many broken bits, both needed to be sifted because they were very dusty. This is very bad for a bunny, you don't want them to breathe in this dust, so you need to sift the pellet. Then I sat them out to see what he would eat. I put a few of Crasins in the middle to lure him. he ate the higher protein & left the skinny broken ones. Next, I tried to mix them with the good pellets, to see if he will eat it. NO. Screw the Cheap-broken pellets.
Memo~Crasins RULE~!!!!!HAVE A great day..

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lisa Leonard designs % belladella, has an opportunity for a Lisa Leonard item.
I ADORE her Necklaces..... Go back and read BY BLOG AND YOU WILL SEE...
I just LOVE the entire design, I Love the dangling charm Plus the added jewel my favorite's are the : `itty bitty hearts', & `from up here' I love `from up here' so much I have sat with credit card in hand & actually almost bought it..... yikes. we don't have that kind of disposable income to just sit around on my neck. silly girl. But, it taunts me..... I think it around my neck, hanging, playing with the charms & jewels, hearing them glide back & forth as I feel them in my hands....aauuughhhh.

Valentines day

Photo's above Of Chocolate Chip... He likes RED...he took the envelope off the table while snooping for `crasins' and this was his late nite Valentine party.
A single rose from my beloved with THE most perfect card. Something that sound like I would have written. beautiful.


Auuughhhhh.....loser. who wants to hear that? aughhhh. another contest blown! I don't know why I bother. I was a child I lived next door to my grandma, well, actually my grandparents were my only neighbors. Grandma bought lottery tickets,this was back in the early 1960's. She would buy them for all the grandkids, their were a total of 6 of us kids she would put them in cards,birthday,whatever,holiday. Everyone would win something at least $10 ...except for me. Yep. Until grandma finally just kept my tickets herself -I guess it was just too embarrasing when all the cousins would be telling about their she just would still buy mine but keep it.. then by golly it would win ! Swear to GOD!. 1st time she did it was $10. I truly mean that. I have a life long legacy of this. Losing! well so there it is. contests over my name not any of the `winning names' I just want to win some fabric....but truth be known:I cant get out to get fabric.
I can't get `that' fabric of `that' quality by me. I have not actually every even touched that fabric, nor could I afford it. so I shall try for these occasional contests...because I don't know'd think sooner or later wouldn't I ... ? hhm ...I mean ..I guess I could really could be that unlucky...
my life has kinda been that way......hmm. ...accidents...injuries....since a very young age...hmm well hahha I have survived so it'd made me stronger if not lucky. So I WILL keep trying.. and at 51 you and I both know that I have passed the point of me ever being lucky, but maybe every once in a while the stars in the heavens have a set alignment every so often a beautiful event happens~ a shooting star falls from its place and changes the course...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fat Quarter Shop's Jolly Jabber giveaway

So,I have NEVER EVER had a Jelly ROll. I just recently found out what this even was. I tried to paste a picture here,it did not work so I took a picture of my email. I hope that is ok? You think so? For entry you have to write about it in your facebook & /or blog. I don't do facebook, I am not that computer savy-I just dont have the time & I dont really get it all. So to stay to my word I am writing about it in my blog. Now these jelly rolls are really expensive. My Lord, I went to a fabric store by me & well I live rural so that was 30 miles & they are small & dont have alot & I guess I was expecting more of a selection like on the internet. Duh to me ! they had just 2, and I was SO EXcited I picked 1 up as if I was going to buy it, I wanted to-I would have-I intended to,BUT it was $75.00!!!!!!! my hands started sweating & shaking.......I put it down and my ears even began to get hot and my neck. I think I was near ready to pass out. I was new to this jelly roll stuff & had not seen a price. I Have not bought bought fabric on the internet so I have not looked at the prices......I am not in that league.....I buy on sale..with the store coupon.... even then...I ...need to be `creative' in order to sew. You know. Times are hard,we try to be careful. I am 51, We homeschool our youngest 10, my parents are in their late 70's & for the last 10 years we have financially taken on alot to help them (30,000 plus) medicare does little,dad had several strokes-lost vision 1 eye needing several surgergies.... years of dr & hosp appts.....I can't go on it's too painful & it wont get our money back. My folks cant pay & well....They have a house to live in because of us. life goes on.....If the saying ~what goes around comes around~ is true then we will always be ok... as we have always taken care of others .But I digress. Back to Jelly roll s

I have never used fabric like this-it is WONDERFUL~texture of the fabric is something. Not like the sale fabric I am used to. I UNDERSTAND i guess why the prices are a bit higher...... ouch... yes I said that... Now I have not used it so.... I dont know how it really is- how it sew-how it washes-how it hold up... But I would LOVE to have the Opportunity to have it in my hands. It looks wonderful.

''We're giving away a Sent With Love (by Deb Strain) Jelly Roll and a L'Amour (by Sandy Gervais) Jelly Roll to two lucky winners -- one by Twitter/Facebook and one by blog! ''

Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday another snow


another odd snow for the Carolina's. It is just lovely !!!

flower afghan

This is all crocheted all the same flower & I assembled in the lattace format.

Chocolate Chip & Crushed Pineapple Yumm

Crochet squares

These are what I am working on, I like doing crochet flowers. I always have a crochet bag ready & waiting. To take in the car, to take to bed, to sit on the sofa, ready & waiting.
I work on what my eye & brain and hands can handle.
I was in a bad auto accident that caused me `traumatic brain injury' just over a year ago~ along with back, neck, arm and brain confusion. So it depends on how I am feeling. My back & neck have been in pain .. so I turned to crochet.

I had to step away from my sewing until I can re-focus my thoughts on each progect. So I picked up my crochet hook. Since I ALWAYS have a bag ready there is not really too much to think about. I do have directions written out step by step for each little square.. Mostly I do the granny sq & I can do that with out thinking. The flower made goes right into a granny square. For each flower I have re-written the pattern in a `simple' format so it won't confuse me & each time I go to make it hopefully it will be simple -step by step ok. So I wont be reduced to tears.
I mostly have crocheted for charity. Making angels & squares & assembling comfortghans. But I was in a very bad car crash a year ago & it slowed me down, causing me to not be able to be as helpful in my charity organizations due to injuries. I sustained `traumatic brain injury', neck-arm,back,hand injury...~it was 5 car accident -I was driving our 3mo old SUV.. We were on a family outing to the SC zoo. I saw it all coming~ the accident. I saw the 1st car STOP. It was all
so fast. Seconds. She actually looked around- stopped- then took off. then Boom boom boom
I grabbed the steering wheel with both handsfrom the underside and lowered my head into it & put both feet on the brakes as hard as I could, then saw darkness & heard a loud boom & felt burning & smoke.then nothing.. I was taken to a hospital but I dont remember ever seeing a dr.
I remember being in the ambulance.

A lot has come back- but it comes & goes...... kind of like a stoke patient--at times I just can't come up with the right words -I can see it in my head but can not bring it to my mouth. I can be talking or writing or sewing & suddenly I can't remember my address or phone # or how to spell or what stitch is next.....simple things just come to a total HALT. That's my world.(Today I had to go to my purse & look in my wallet to check my house # to be sure of my address) I cant tell when it will come & go. I have med's Lots and I am forever Thankful that nothing worse happened. Our SUV was TOTALED ! no one else was even hurt!!!! all other cars drove away.the woman who caused it left-was a hit & run....she drove away Figures.. But... we all had the same insurance co. anyway.I digress. back to sewing that was just an explanation as to why I transition over to crochet .....explaining my` brain stall'
I keep a little notepad on me all the time, to write notes & to look up what I forget.

beanie problems & ruby eyes

HMMMM.....a picture tells the story... ... caught in the act. These beanie's belong in the wooden wagon. Not in Chocolate Chips possession ! or being dragged around the master bedroom at 3am!

Oh, By the way we have red eye off the camera Chcolate Chip is a chocolate broken mini rex with brown eyes that in certian light are ruby. We play with the camera and lights... but it always ruby.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

what ya up to ?

So hows your day goin? everyone is home today, this is nice. It is a cold, rainy day, so we will have movies & popcorn & family time. If you notice anything in my `tone' it might be because I `might' have been on a search mission that the family did not appreciate earlier....I think there might be photos ....I have a bit of an obsession with some of these little beanie things ..they make me `crazy'.
well..I guess I keep some of the Fam up all during the wee hours of the night.....
and I kinda left these beanies scattered all over the bedroom 2am...3am...3:30am..4am...
until....I smelled coffee being brewed at 4:30am uh oh....... I hid under the bed forwhile & took a nap.

tree patchwork

Here is where I am at on this ...It is my favorite I am stuck
not sure what to do next ? so I am walking away...

happy dance

We are doing the happy dance for many things that make us happy! here are a few:
Chocolate Chip loves to eat...... timothy... and ...cheerios... as you can see in these photos :)
he also loves to eat cardboard annd magazines & paper & pellets & Crasins & yougart drops & watching movies & pinneapple chunks ..and sleeping under our bed!
we are having an rain/ice storm today stay safe
have a chocolate chippy day

Monday, February 1, 2010

Snow & Ice

Its monday & our wee village & surrounding towns have been `closed' down since Friday. Stores closed, medical, everything. Today most school still closed due to `black ice'. A weekend
of family, movies & popcorn and naps. - - I crocheted a few squares while watching the Grammy awards-I really wanted to see Michael Jacksons children: Bless them! how wonderful they were-they look & SOUND like Michael! I sobbed-in sorrow for their loss .....such a huge talent Michael Jackson will always represent-His children such elegant, poised, loving,children on their fathers behalf. took my breath away. a sight I will think about often. He left a legacy behind in many ways beyond music...Talk about using life to the fullest. ( and golly so many haters were after him all the time- I dont know how he did it - it would have crushed anyone of us having bad things said about us ? terrible for him -- yet he went on. )
Makes me think that we should all rise about the little things & do more. Well, I will digest it for awhile. The Michael Jackson legacy & the his beautiful, poised children.
Have a save day!