Thursday, February 18, 2010

pain day and Crasins rule

Brr.....another cold day. I have been dealing with severe back & neck pain. I have had a very high pain tolerance (childhood accidents-another story I'll share later) so I avoid drugs & can't use alcohol. Stupid huh? I don't know..... I have some medical knowledge, we have most of my medical records. Not allot you can do with back & neck. My Dr last said he thought neck surgery ....
We were in a car crash last year, and out of that I got an excellent neurologist. He treats me for chronic migraines which he thinks can help deal with the neck & back pain keeping control. Well the head pain began last night, I have to take the blue pill. It helps, but makes me sick. no difference.
Chocolate chip ran out of his favorite pellets !!!!! I don't know how this happened I guess we thought we had another jar in the pantry.....auuughhhh
he is very particular...and you can NOT fool him with the wrong food. Don't even try. One time my Beloved tried-he thought he could save a little by getting a less expensive brand of timothy & pellets... Chocolate Chip just REFUSED to eat in this `save' money... we ended up with several 5lb bags of cheap pellets -- if you read the label really are low protein -- which is NOT good for the MINI REX.. the Mini Rex should have %16 %18 percent protein pellet & all the timothy
they want. The Pellet Chocolate Chip refused said 14 percent & 15percent, you could even see the difference. One was very skinny & all the pellets broken into to tiny bits, the other was a fatter pellet and not as many broken bits, both needed to be sifted because they were very dusty. This is very bad for a bunny, you don't want them to breathe in this dust, so you need to sift the pellet. Then I sat them out to see what he would eat. I put a few of Crasins in the middle to lure him. he ate the higher protein & left the skinny broken ones. Next, I tried to mix them with the good pellets, to see if he will eat it. NO. Screw the Cheap-broken pellets.
Memo~Crasins RULE~!!!!!HAVE A great day..

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