Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Auuughhhhh.....loser. who wants to hear that? aughhhh. another contest blown! I don't know why I bother. I was a child I lived next door to my grandma, well, actually my grandparents were my only neighbors. Grandma bought lottery tickets,this was back in the early 1960's. She would buy them for all the grandkids, their were a total of 6 of us kids she would put them in cards,birthday,whatever,holiday. Everyone would win something at least $10 ...except for me. Yep. Until grandma finally just kept my tickets herself -I guess it was just too embarrasing when all the cousins would be telling about their winnings...so she just would still buy mine but keep it.. then by golly it would win ! Swear to GOD!. 1st time she did it was $10. I truly mean that. I have a life long legacy of this. Losing! well so there it is. contests over my name not any of the `winning names' I just want to win some fabric....but truth be known:I cant get out to get fabric.
I can't get `that' fabric of `that' quality by me. I have not actually every even touched that fabric, nor could I afford it. so I shall try for these occasional contests...because I don't know ..you'd think sooner or later wouldn't I ... ? hhm ...I mean ..I guess I could really could be that unlucky...
my life has kinda been that way......hmm. ...accidents...injuries....since a very young age...hmm well hahha I have survived so it'd made me stronger if not lucky. So I WILL keep trying.. and at 51 you and I both know that I have passed the point of me ever being lucky, but maybe every once in a while ...like the stars in the heavens have a set alignment every so often a beautiful event happens~ a shooting star falls from its place and changes the course...

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