Friday, February 12, 2010

Crochet squares

These are what I am working on, I like doing crochet flowers. I always have a crochet bag ready & waiting. To take in the car, to take to bed, to sit on the sofa, ready & waiting.
I work on what my eye & brain and hands can handle.
I was in a bad auto accident that caused me `traumatic brain injury' just over a year ago~ along with back, neck, arm and brain confusion. So it depends on how I am feeling. My back & neck have been in pain .. so I turned to crochet.

I had to step away from my sewing until I can re-focus my thoughts on each progect. So I picked up my crochet hook. Since I ALWAYS have a bag ready there is not really too much to think about. I do have directions written out step by step for each little square.. Mostly I do the granny sq & I can do that with out thinking. The flower made goes right into a granny square. For each flower I have re-written the pattern in a `simple' format so it won't confuse me & each time I go to make it hopefully it will be simple -step by step ok. So I wont be reduced to tears.
I mostly have crocheted for charity. Making angels & squares & assembling comfortghans. But I was in a very bad car crash a year ago & it slowed me down, causing me to not be able to be as helpful in my charity organizations due to injuries. I sustained `traumatic brain injury', neck-arm,back,hand injury...~it was 5 car accident -I was driving our 3mo old SUV.. We were on a family outing to the SC zoo. I saw it all coming~ the accident. I saw the 1st car STOP. It was all
so fast. Seconds. She actually looked around- stopped- then took off. then Boom boom boom
I grabbed the steering wheel with both handsfrom the underside and lowered my head into it & put both feet on the brakes as hard as I could, then saw darkness & heard a loud boom & felt burning & smoke.then nothing.. I was taken to a hospital but I dont remember ever seeing a dr.
I remember being in the ambulance.

A lot has come back- but it comes & goes...... kind of like a stoke patient--at times I just can't come up with the right words -I can see it in my head but can not bring it to my mouth. I can be talking or writing or sewing & suddenly I can't remember my address or phone # or how to spell or what stitch is next.....simple things just come to a total HALT. That's my world.(Today I had to go to my purse & look in my wallet to check my house # to be sure of my address) I cant tell when it will come & go. I have med's Lots and I am forever Thankful that nothing worse happened. Our SUV was TOTALED ! no one else was even hurt!!!! all other cars drove away.the woman who caused it left-was a hit & run....she drove away Figures.. But... we all had the same insurance co. anyway.I digress. back to sewing that was just an explanation as to why I transition over to crochet .....explaining my` brain stall'
I keep a little notepad on me all the time, to write notes & to look up what I forget.

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