Monday, February 1, 2010

Snow & Ice

Its monday & our wee village & surrounding towns have been `closed' down since Friday. Stores closed, medical, everything. Today most school still closed due to `black ice'. A weekend
of family, movies & popcorn and naps. - - I crocheted a few squares while watching the Grammy awards-I really wanted to see Michael Jacksons children: Bless them! how wonderful they were-they look & SOUND like Michael! I sobbed-in sorrow for their loss .....such a huge talent Michael Jackson will always represent-His children such elegant, poised, loving,children on their fathers behalf. took my breath away. a sight I will think about often. He left a legacy behind in many ways beyond music...Talk about using life to the fullest. ( and golly so many haters were after him all the time- I dont know how he did it - it would have crushed anyone of us having bad things said about us ? terrible for him -- yet he went on. )
Makes me think that we should all rise about the little things & do more. Well, I will digest it for awhile. The Michael Jackson legacy & the his beautiful, poised children.
Have a save day!

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