Monday, February 22, 2010

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I love to sew, quilt & applique. I draw my own pictures or photograph them. I think about what I want to make & get nervous that I can do it, I research `how to' - `how to iron', `how to sew', `how to applique', `how to use my machine', `what material is best' .... I make myself crazy until I actually START... Sometimes, if I have several things going at once... WELL...I do not know how the human mind works??
I pretty much learned all my sewing, quilting,crochet, embroidery from books & kits. My dear cousin Laurel spent a summer with us when we were kids & she had a knitting-crochet 4H project -I bugged all summer to teach me both. I was maybe 9-10. I must have made her summer the `summer of hell'. BUT-now I am an Excellent Crocheter & Knitter, and I have made everyone a nice crochet blanket. I work with several charity organizations, using my crochet skills I help to make comfortghans & angels for fallen solders families & folks with illness for many years , until just recently when I had the auto accident. I am on on a wee break.I had to rehab myself -I have memory loss -so I have to remind myself of things. I have a bag of crochet squares that I have been not able to do for the last few months due to not remembering how. I look at it all the time & go over the directions until one day it should just `all come back'? I cherish My beloved cousin Laurel, not for that. What we became to each other as adults is more important. We have always been there for each other.. .children, parents, divorce, weight issues, job problems, love, lack of love, spiritual, whatever ..... across the miles.I have moved across the country-3000 miles.She has traveled all the way- by herself with her 2 young kids to - visit. We have always kept in touch & most of all we just understand the other -- NO Judgement .She is a nurse, a loving,kind giving person. She joined the navy so she could go to nursing college. She has never stopped. She has her kids. Then..her dad died on his retirement trip at her home.HeartBreaking. Not long after-her husband lost his job & they were moving back home. He decided to stay with the house while it was on the market & she came back with the kids & moved in her old family house (the house had been packed up everything shipped) to her dismay he just never came was terrible .. -she returned to nursing and school work & her children has been in school for the last I can'tkeep track of the years getting higher education degrees. SHE IS AMAZING. Her children have both done well, daughter in college, going for medical education, son graduates this year. She is my hero- she has done it! raised her kids thru school... by herself..... AND taken along her brothers kids most of the time ... but I guess that is another story. I have been thinking about it she should write about survival..because thats what it was really bad... and she did ..survive..he sent no money..he made it terrible..lawyers across the country...plane fare-court costs..he was satan...she kept it all from the kids.. the stress I can not believe .... then living with her MOM auughhhhhh.... I would DIE.... what a life...she should be SAINTED She has her up's & downs like do I want to live today ??? why me??? I wish we could be closer ...I think she is an earth angel who works so hard & she think no one notices. Thats what an earth angel is.....
One who feel so much pain....they wonder why....why there is so much pain & why do I feel it so much..... yet she gives all the time never thinking of stopping....I do the the last drop of blood.....cut from the same cloth. thats a nice feeling to know someone so much the same.

I Love books. But I don't read as much since the accident - I listen to everyone. I read everything. I don't know what I have done more: embroidery,quilting, applique, patchwork,needlepoint... painting, woodworking . Crochet would have to be put in a different area because I have done so much of it for charity. I have worked day & night when I had specific things needed, or when I was helping a friends charity.. I can't calculate . As I look around my home I see all the quilting & embroidery & applique & I know how much more is `in the works' hahaahaa. Back to books, My 1st books were from my good friend Barbara, a woman I babysat for & whom to this day I have remained good friends with.( She is very ill, is '03 she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer stage4 & has battled it fiercely....) began getting me my 1st sewing books-the Better Homes & Garden & the books like that, where I learned crafts & stitches. I did not have a local library. We lived rural, you would have to `pay' to use the library. Who could do that? Those were exactly the ones that could NOT pay to us the damn library. how stupid. So the books I was given were like gold. I have them all... still refer to them as old as they are.

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