Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fat Quarter Shop's Jolly Jabber giveaway

So,I have NEVER EVER had a Jelly ROll. I just recently found out what this even was. I tried to paste a picture here,it did not work so I took a picture of my email. I hope that is ok? You think so? For entry you have to write about it in your facebook & /or blog. I don't do facebook, I am not that computer savy-I just dont have the time & I dont really get it all. So to stay to my word I am writing about it in my blog. Now these jelly rolls are really expensive. My Lord, I went to a fabric store by me & well I live rural so that was 30 miles & they are small & dont have alot & I guess I was expecting more of a selection like on the internet. Duh to me ! they had just 2, and I was SO EXcited I picked 1 up as if I was going to buy it, I wanted to-I would have-I intended to,BUT it was $75.00!!!!!!! my hands started sweating & shaking.......I put it down and my ears even began to get hot and my neck. I think I was near ready to pass out. I was new to this jelly roll stuff & had not seen a price. I Have not bought bought fabric on the internet so I have not looked at the prices......I am not in that league.....I buy on sale..with the store coupon.... even then...I ...need to be `creative' in order to sew. You know. Times are hard,we try to be careful. I am 51, We homeschool our youngest 10, my parents are in their late 70's & for the last 10 years we have financially taken on alot to help them (30,000 plus) medicare does little,dad had several strokes-lost vision 1 eye needing several surgergies.... years of dr & hosp appts.....I can't go on it's too painful & it wont get our money back. My folks cant pay & well....They have a house to live in because of us. life goes on.....If the saying ~what goes around comes around~ is true then we will always be ok... as we have always taken care of others .But I digress. Back to Jelly roll s

I have never used fabric like this-it is WONDERFUL~texture of the fabric is something. Not like the sale fabric I am used to. I UNDERSTAND i guess why the prices are a bit higher...... ouch... yes I said that... Now I have not used it so.... I dont know how it really is- how it sew-how it washes-how it hold up... But I would LOVE to have the Opportunity to have it in my hands. It looks wonderful.

''We're giving away a Sent With Love (by Deb Strain) Jelly Roll and a L'Amour (by Sandy Gervais) Jelly Roll to two lucky winners -- one by Twitter/Facebook and one by blog! ''

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