Tuesday, February 9, 2010

what ya up to ?

So hows your day goin? everyone is home today, this is nice. It is a cold, rainy day, so we will have movies & popcorn & family time. If you notice anything in my `tone' it might be because I `might' have been on a search mission that the family did not appreciate earlier....I think there might be photos ....I have a bit of an obsession with some of these little beanie things ..they make me `crazy'.
well..I guess I keep some of the Fam up all during the wee hours of the night.....
and I kinda left these beanies scattered all over the bedroom floor.....at 2am...3am...3:30am..4am...
until....I smelled coffee being brewed at 4:30am uh oh....... I hid under the bed forwhile & took a nap.

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