Monday, December 6, 2010

me and my blankie

Chocolate Chip always finds a blankie this time up on the sofa....that is the cutest face.....don't you just want to grab him and give him a big squeeze?? well he does not like that-it has to be `his' idea or forget it... he has to come to you...silly our house..he adores my husband  (probably because he does not do the grooming-nails clipping-cleaning ears..he is just the fun guy with treats) so I get to send cyber
   ((((((hugs and kisses))))) to that silly cute bunny
have a fun bunny day

chocolate chip & snowmen

Chocolate Chip once again finds a favorite piece of paper to munch on while perched on the sofa, while in the background a gathering if wee snowmen & nutcrackers collect by a handmade German feather tree I made.  Not a care in his world.. Actually Chip began trailing Jolli the dog outside & his `new' thing is he now `insists' he `go' outside every few hours to use a special corner of the deck for his private `potty' he will even go to the darn door and scratch it... then zoom back in the house & I have to leave a strawberry & honey hoop treat in his dish & he takes it & does 3 loops around the living room after he is done. He actually makes the dog feel bad because the dog will come back in when it is too cold & the bunny is still out in his corner doing his business...then the dog watches from the door & slowly goes back out & in & out like he is being shamed by the bunny to do has gotten very funny, I think the bunny is re training the poor 13 year old dog. But hey- less papers to clean up so...
I have never seen anything like this...I HAVE had bunnies for most of my life~ never seen anything like this. funny little guy.

Have a happy day

Friday, October 8, 2010

disapproving bunny

`brothers'       Chocolate Chip in a quiet mood  eating his chips and basil while his `brother' watches ( more than likely an attempt to swoop in an take some chips) this would be a VERY bad choice of things to do, because Chip does not take lightly to anyone `removing' his chips... disapproving bunny

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

where's my Crasin?

I need a Crasin !!!  Where is my Crasin???  yes .. Crasins all over the carpet....mine all mine....
 ahhh, crasins forever....

Sunday, October 3, 2010

What? Yes, I am on the sofa and I am waiting for treats, What is the problem here?

what to do with this bunny's chair..

Well the time has come to replace Chocolate Chips  wicker..I have begun, using a bunny favorite treat a
`grass matt'  it is a bit messy. When done The silly bunny Loves it, hr thinks he has a new chair to take apart, if I put it togetherr nice & pretty secure, he comes along & pulls the `wicker' out piece by piece.....

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wicker Chair Re-do

Chocolate Chip has his own little  chair & is `re-styling' it ...??
He enjoys this `activity'  and seems to have quite a flair for decorating....or so he thinks- there is always quite a mess from this `artist' ..the debris field itself is interesting...He LOVES it... wee bits of wicker & bunny grass mats all over... He will drag this chair all over the living room in his quest to ~ deconstruct~   oops
I mean re-style  his chair.. we will keep you posted with current  photos as his decorating comes along. ((HUGS))

bunny flop

after keeping up on all the current reading trends ...& decorating ...ooh- well, I need to take a wee nap..

 we can talk more later... chip out

golly have't we all felt like this? but who has the courage of a bunny to JUST bunny flop
 and say
 `I am tired and that is it for now..done..not another I said nope.'

fuzzy butt

"HMMMmm I wonder what is back here?"       
  Chocolate Chip  fuzzy butt

it's my party

One dark & stormy night Chocolate chip found this pretty little box on a lonely step.
"Hmmm" he thought," such a pretty cardboard box, no one would mind if I play for a few minutes..
"It's my party & I can eat the pretty paper.. uh oh, is someone coming?"

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I want to introduce to to some wonderful art angels... kelee katillac designer ~ who creates `sacred spaces'..
you must see her blog for the room makeover --for the stunning room make for Collette a cancer patient. The following blogs artist's have art work included in the room.. ( i love their work) you must check them out ..such wonderful beautiful work Penny Carlson-mosiac artist Erin Hougton and; her dog Bentley of the Painted Garden

(((angel hugs))

Monday, September 6, 2010

nom a nom a nom a nom

basil is yummy--nom a nom
paper is yummy?

 Dear sweet Chocolate chip loves to jump up on the sofa next to me, I usually have a wee dish for a papaya snack or a strawberry/honey hoop treat that he loves, this time he decided he would rather have a piece of my paper. He LOVES papers & books. I often think of taking him to a used book store in our village and I wonder what would happen if Chip would be able to have a few minutes to `chose' a few books.....heehee I think he would be SO HAPPY.
He is potty trained, whats the harm?  hmm
 Do have a lovely day

favorite things

Chocolate Chip & some of his favorite play toys. It is a lazy Labor day weekend. Basil to be harvested we ordered grass mats & new treats for bunny...can not wait.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

uh oh

Look carefully at each of these photos. The common thread they share is that my Bunny
Chocolate Chip has become a bit of a `un librarian' ..... haha (is that a word??) We had no Idea what was going on for weeks, books all over the house. No one had any idea it was the bunny pulling books off . Every morning you would wake up and `a pile of papers & books' would be waiting..... Mystery, I believe in Angels & the books that were taken out were always bunny books or prayer books. If you told me it was the bunny doing this..... until he was caught red handed..... well... this bunny LOVES munching on paper... and he LOVES having his own paperback... so in photos if it looks like the floor is `cluttered with papers or little books' that is his little area... and he loves it oh he has a phone book thrown in the mix to munch on.
crazy bunny.
I have taken some papers & folded them and put them on the shelf for him to munch to make snowflakes for Christmas... He likes different thickness, so I am giving that a try?


Brothers, these 2 play together-ignore each other- love each other- sniff each other-kiss each other-chase the bunny even will circle the dog over & over again & again then off they run
....the only problem they have is that they both love cheerios & tostitos chips ...and have a problem sharing ... It really is not a problem the bunny just looks away if he decides it is `ok' that the dog can have it. Now the dog has his own & a much larger bowl. If the bunny is not feeling like it he will let you back off.... In this photo the wee brown cup of snack chips belongs to the mini rex bunny Chocolate Chip along with a cup of his beloved fresh Basil.

the treat seat

this is the treat seat, Chocolate Chip, our bunny will hop in this wee chair & special treats are
always waiting...

basil & tostitos

We have had so much rain... this southern heat & humidity is so bad they have had warnings on the news.It just seems early that the high temps & big rains have hit so early this year. This week we have had 97 degree days again, and that's not adding other factors..

now.... I know one little fellow you will NOT find complaining about the weather .. the above picture gentleman....yes...once again..let me-- introduce: Chocolate Chip... He is a Velveteen Rabbit=A Mini Rex The bunny from the story book. Yes he is soft. sooo soft you can't keep your
hands off him...BUT... Mini Rex's are funny they are royalty and decide when they want to be touched. So he has to kind of come to you. Chocolate Chip will hop up on a sofa next to you. The cutest, is he has a wee child's chair that he will hop into-when he is in it he will wait for a papaya treat or cheerios a nose rub. It is adorable.
He was named Chocolate Chip, partly for his color it is called `chocolate'. Look at him & it looks like he was sprinkled with chocolate chips.
We called him a terrorist at 1st, when he broke out of his cage every day & night. Eventually, we decided that he was going to really hurt himself breaking out of the cage. so we gave up & left it open & bunny proofed the house. What an range....meaning, he has a cage but goes there for water & to use his `potty box', eats pellets, then runs very, very, very, very, fast to other parts of the house, mainly the living room. He has specific areas & `we' have `agreed' to. kind of .. Chocolate Chip likes to hide under the sofa along the wall & under my husbands big desk. So,once we figured out his `spots' I made quilted & back up fleece blankets & set them in his little areas & tried to `work' out an `understanding' with him know the CAGE or the blankets kinda things... well it took a bit but we we eventually came to a `potty trained' understanding with each other (more or less)
......So the reason he is totally fine with the weather is that HE LOVES BASIL & parsley & I planted 12 basil plants for him & the have been growing wonderfully with with hot rainy weather. Every day we just take a few steps out the front door with a scissors & snip ... Lucky Chocolate Chip has fresh Basil & his snack ` chips' Tostitos a cool house. Oh yes he has a bowl of fresh Timothy nearby. I tried a tomato yesterday, he should have liked that? well I did... vine ripe yum ... His other yummy is papaya. and apples He LOVES apples. He is off carrots this week.. the last few weeks he was off parsley? he is like that. I think it is the stores down here & how the taste varies....or can be yuck day to day. hm mm

Sunday, June 27, 2010

charitable quilters

Quilters are a wonderful bunch of people, who you'll find do quilting mostly for people other than themselves. So I would define that as CHARITABLE. From waaayyy back to the early farm days. I know my grannies on the farms made rag rugs & patchwork quilts out of need & gave to any neighbor that was in need in any way, be it food clothes, help bringing in their crops, illness ...a helping hand was their by my family even though they could not afford it themselves, that was the way.
At a wonderful quilt is made by~12 designers each making a quilt unique square that I find almost defines them. Sewn together making a beautiful quilt for the charity. It is GORGEOUS. You can also click on each designer & purchase their square & make their square part of the proceeds go to the charity. For more information you can click the link. It brings awareness to a charity, and you discover many amazing wonderfully creative women!!!!

have a great day

Saturday, June 19, 2010

another bite won't hurt

just one more bite and it will be the last..... i promise ..... then I will eat the all craisins off the floor ..... I promise... CHOCOLATE CHIP

middle of the night snack

what a racket I woke to at 3 am...what on earth could it be I thought??? this is what it was...
I grab a bat from behind a door and creep thru the house and what do I find? Dear beloved Chocolate the midst of a ` CRASIN craving' deciding to help himself.... auughhhh!!! Usually we have a line of Craisins lined up on the coffee table  and he stands up thru out the day and helps himself. It is very cute. Nearby is a tupper bin with more~God forbid we run out. We also discovered recently he LOVES CHIPS... But specific brands. that's the other dish in the picture. note it also is empty. Well, all that clatter & look how he sits with the look of `no problem ' in the world.......Hmmmmmm. wish a snack could do that for us all... :>)
                            naughty  bunny

Thursday, May 20, 2010

keep it simple is just fun
  this site is so cute

Chocolate Chip Loves loves cheerios and has to watch his sugar intake...rather we have to watch his sugar
intake but I really like this

Bubbles & light stights ... oh well

So I had the dreaded Dr appt with my cardio ...and I this low potassium thing that is depressing.
My husband had to hurry to get to work so I had little time to `feed' my frustrations beyond him stopping at the drive thru for next door was a `dollar' store & I went in & got thru maybe 3 aisles. That was enough time to get bubble's (my grandma always had a jar of bubbles to blow) I have a bag with every size & shape of wand I can find I am always on the look out for another. I am aways `creating' a new bubble soultion my son & I can be found in the back yard on many weird weather days making bubbles. the bigger the better. I also get those lite sticks that glow in the night. These are things that I never has as a kid. The dollar store has them.
So I get in & out & my husband will not be late for work. I guess this will be my `release'. oh well.

Friday, April 30, 2010

apple applique

This is a tribute to my childhood, my grandparents had an apple orchard,it was in our backyards. My grandpa grafted apple trees and `created' some of the most gorgeous & delicious apples, my grandma & I picked apples & made apple `everything', mostly warm apple sauce...
..I have many, mnay wonderful memories of them, now that I have lost my dad in such a sudden way I feel that I have lost not kust `my way' but my `threads' to that side of my life. I have moved from where I grew up & they raised me so I close my eyes to remember. So theses will be my MOVING Pictures of memories....OK?
I will have this

applique house in comfort PJ's

this is my dream house :) all sleeper pajamies from my babies-worn in places to bare threads
I began it by hand, I have cut all the pieces out from soft, worn sleepers & shirts & baby clothes.. but I have a bit of an arm disability and Iam not sure if I will be able to applique & quilt like I usedd to & want to...hmmm I can go to the sewing machine & go vroommm. what should I do?
(I had a tumor removed and the surgery was worse than anticipated & they had to go deeper it was wrapped arounf nerved & muscle so they had to sever them in the process, so getting back ability was nill. I have had more surgery since to aliveate pain but they said I would never get back ability.) I never adjusted to it I just go about my merry way and pretty much do what I always have done...just slower & maybe I run into roadblocks when I reliaze it is not what it was...auughh so I do it over & over & over until I get to what I what ...more like what it was or...what is accetable...
I was once really good as an artist, crochet, knitting, sewing, crafting, even a woodworker yes I was an excellect and skilled crafter at tiny wood pieces..I shall put some photos up later. but now my hand shakes so ...not sure ....
what do you think...
and should I make a wall hanging a pillow a blanket hmmm

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Friday, April 9, 2010

Chocolate Chip with some of his my favorite play things, in this photo to the far right is circa 1964 my dad in his fire fighting gear in the far right to the left is a tree he dres a few months before he died.
That was a sketch design I had been thinking about that we had been taking about & he came over & I gave him my art tools & he took them home & he came back with the most BEAUTIFUL trees...... I shall miss him forever.....


I am too tired to do anything, low potassium, I have have been on pills & food -uck & redone labs several times-but level still has not changed?? day of surgery exact same # ?? making me nuts. We got up before the sun drove forever because we live kinda in the country & the hospitals are over an hour long morning drive & NO COFFEE-- AUGHHH, beautiful hospital hospital and my dr's have their own wing gorgeous (thinking---this is going to REALLY cost me!!) they take me to another floor for prep an hr later they begin freaking out because my potassium is really lo & they have to stop & delay surgery to pump me with potassium...ughhhh...staff was really lovely.. at 1 point 3 different people asking questions at once & doing tests-ekg's-blood-chart work... finally wheel me to OR by them I was frezing & they give me warm blankets. BUT no one tells you they will SHAVE you in your private area that would have been nice to know ahead of time. geez. then they kinda strip the gown back & put a surgical blacket with 2 holes over you-it has sticky stape around the holes & they wash you with betadine & it is FREEZING . Then they stick this on you & you are strapped to the OP table with cameras over you & waiting until the surgeon comes. you have to be still -can not move. they have you marked for the pulse point on your artery with marker, so you feel like you have to rub your nose.... :).. then it seems like 2 hr's..... then goes very fast when he comes in.. He has a wonderful presence-so the rooms aura takes on a good feeling.
He takes control..then things begin clicking fast it seems. .... I could not keeep track of what happened...he press's amazingly hard on the artery in my groin area ...auuughhhh, then gives the 1st shot of lidocaine to numb the pain-auughhhhhh...and LORD whats next you think
OH MY GOD...It gets worse... what the in name of Zeus are they doing? they are pressing & I feel liquid-o God it's my blood running down my leg from them shoving the catheter in.....They talk me thru & explain ... they even get toweling to asorb the blood...aughh.. ouchhh.. I can feel it down to my toes & up to my collar bone. the flippin lidocaine did little I want to say But I am to freakin polite & I am gripping my fists & holding the siderails & my breaths-actually I am pretty sure that I am going to pass out soon..but I can't speak because I am in so much pain I can't even tell them. My head is swirling-I can hear them.
I am having a rt & lt done & they are shoving a port in my rt groin that is about 7-10 inches long & it is thick in diameter...kind of like ..hmmm like the pop button in a turkey, when its done cooking it pops & you pull it out? right... that's whats this is - only a bigger version -ok? because then the surgeon will thread the catheter in thru this. The hope is he wants to do both in the same side. They prepped the right & left side to be safe that's why the gown has both right & left exposed they prepped both..

they check the cameras, & shoot Benadryl in the IV, & I feel all sorts of things swirl thru my body, the they begin the dye......weird....they watch the cameras..which are over my head-you CAN NOT watch ...They are talking I feel awful... this is a horrible experience...I want it over... I wonder if this is like an allergic reaction??? i can 't breathe very well... I am doing my focus meditation breathing...concentrate..I do my prayer ` Our Father who Art in Heaven ' over & over to focus....... then its over..... the surgeon comes over says all is looks good... he will see in recovery in a bit.. They nurses finish up? I still have things inside I can see the wall of monitors now...auughhhh.... my heart-the wires ..thru me.....auughhh .. they are pulling the catheters out but leaving the port in & plugging it & I can't move for several hours.
Fine. who would want to. I am in such pain. but its over.
the problem is I have this low potassium and I have had low thyroid fopr many years. I may have an adrenal problem.. possibly addisons? but for now I am just very tired alot an have to figure out how to navigate where I am....
I always have my buddies

not feeling well

Saturday, March 20, 2010

heart monitor & women

heart monitor for women
I am having a left & right heart catheterization on friday --in 7 days.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


step by step ...I am in a daze..I guess I am in a fog- I have little idea of what went on yesterday.But I clearly was `in my right mind' at each monent ..when I got up I made coffee, knew to do each task-clean & bleach the floors & wipe the stairs down while the coffe brews & vacume, round up the laundry, check the dog & bunny change bunny papers & give pellets, bla bla, bleach the bath room floors & then I can have coffee, house is ready. I can sit down for a few minutes..this has taken like an hr and half to 2 hrs. so it is not rocket science-this I know...I know I am having a problem `grasping' my dads death... he was a huge person in my life...& I did not expect this, it was double bad since my mom is satan... so I am just baby the can not see forward or backward.......I won a Cinderberry contest & it had not arrived I went to the mail every day -could not understand--I had not worns my glasses & gave the wrong address.o missed did the address. thats' stress...My head hurts so bad It feels' like it is going to split open...we had out daughter over with her 2 kids for her 30th birthday...-I swear to GOD....we had the 2 little girls here both under3 our son 10 my beloved made dinner & I called my daughter the wrong name several times ??? why is that??? I called her my sisters name???as I said it ??I thought..hmmI have Not seen my sister in 14 years & she is an truly AWFul person...we never got along..was I just thinking about my mom & sister & preoccupied? what?aauughh how rude..I felt awful.. no one may reliaze how horrible it was but one knows her like I do...uck.t shook me to my core.
I need to contact Cinderberry-to let het know. I just figured it out. It either got sent back or is sitting at the post office. I am soooo tired. this is a horrible dark dark hell...people who don't believe in God should really fear...because I can't imagine what hell & that life --with out God & Jesus and the Lord....what is the point???? I could never NEVER survive...
At least my dad is with the Lord & his family, in his paradise, no evil, no sin. That makes me happy & sad because it is hard to grasp as I look at his drawings of his beautiful trees........

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

my dad died

my dad died -sudden massive heart attack.... my husband & son got to the hospital just ahead of me... My husband told the Dr I was on my way & the Dr kept CPR going .... he had me on the phone as my dear neighbor raced to hospital none of us had been to or heard of this hospital it was 45 min away maybe more-it seemed forever... as we found the hospital signs & they guided us in -right to the er door- 5or6 people left the room as my husband met me at the er door just steps away-dads room/curtain was right behind & the Dr began speaking to me explaining to me that he had been deprived of oxygen & his heart had sustained such extensive damage??? I was thinking how does he know? I asked what more can you do? he just looked at me? my mom was no where near- on the other side of the room-like she was done with dad, already? the Dr went on the explain that dad still has heart beats left if I want to be with him...... there is still time...his eyes were open but looking in the opposite direction. No one was there. So I said to get my son & I went over to dad & began talking. I said I was Not ready for this. I told him that he was the best daddy ever.I said for my son came in & I explained that poppy was going to be leaving to be with Jesus & the Angels so we are saying good by. He took poppy's hand in the way poppy taught him a gentleman shakes hands & one last time shook hands then case to him face & kissed him & told him he loved him & have a safe journey. My husband said his good bye's & I had them give him last rites & we held hands & prayed. my mother left. we stayed talking to dad until his heart beat its last beat, and then some...... his eyes had a sparkle right until the end. we sat with him for a while..
I remember the pastor helping removing his 2 pieces of jewerly -mom went for his wedding ring & wrangled it off-it seemed wrong, so..roughI said tto wait for the nurses but she went at it...the pastor helped to remove his medic alert neclace & I took that because mom has husband & I stood staring ...just the disbelief..looking around..I picked up his bag of personal items & set it back down , up-down, up-down, hands shaking, someone said to just put it in the garbage, I held it over & back out, for some reason held it close then took it looked around the room & ....began trying to leave me dad....I heard my husband taking instructions about how to arrange transport for the body to a funeral home & my mom being way to loud about getting finally getting an apt??
we made it to the parking lot & somehow my husband got lost getting back to their house.....& things just kept getting worse if thats possible.......
we found out my mother was over 60,000 in credit card debt & refused to pay for the funeral
so my husband & I made & sat at the funeral home in shock & made all the arrangements and when we were done my daughter called & told us my mom had bagged all dads things & taken to the dump & made arrangements to rent his room....???? they slept at opposite ends of the house..
there van was co signed by my husband so when dad died ---we became responsible...auuughhh
so we went & got the van...she has not drove in years & year now have a stupid van & insurance to pay for. plus $3000 funeral. We are changing funeral homes, the one she chose is cash or check. since we are paying, we are not liquid - so we found a lovely one in town a few blocks away that takes charge, for maybe 2,000 plus. She is mad as hatter. now she `hates' us & disowns all of us...wrote a hateful long letter & called the sheriff on us-we stole the van-won't let her take money out of the house -abuse .........Sheriff...spoke to us ran the van & said it is in our name- dad put us on the house title because we lent them HUGE amounts of money they could not pay back approx $40,000 he felt bad, behind our back he put us on the house title. She is trying to take money out against the house & needs our names. Her neighbor said to charge us with abuse-she wrote in this letter to us --why? we did nothing-never did a thing but help-and pay-they bills-now that dad is gone I can leave this crazy on her own. she refused dad a priest. we had to have a special service to have dad blessed with family for his funeral & we paid for it & a 2nd the this crazy ole bat & her crazy southern neighbors totaling 2. ---his grand kids-greatgrandkids-daughter-soninlaw-all had to secret a special earlier Catholic service- were the funeral director had to keep the crazy woman & her loud people out. I am focusing on stay in in `love' staying positive-not going over to the dark side--helping dad to pass over in love & respect... he led & kind & loving life & deserves that. He may have married some one that is crazy or mean or money hungry...but his family had a respectful & decent Catholic history and he shall leave the same way. I set up a place on our sofa with dads personal effects, the same spot where he would sit. A coffee mug, He was a coffee maniac.. his pipe-she handed that to me- a cap ...I have the bag from the emergency room with his clothes & in his pants was his handkerchief-pocketknife-on his belt a leather strap with keys.. I set it all up on the end table belt,found a old pair of sunglasses so if his spirit-should wander around they can sit here & find peace...until they pass on to heaven...since she has tossed all of him out at his home & it is hateful & full of crazy action. My home is full of Love & prayer & peace.
In memory of my dad 1933-2010 smokey

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


cold -rainy day another headache. I dont have the energy to take the medication.
Chocolate Chip has a new trick. He began jumping up on the sofa! Whats that about?
at 1st he jumped up an looked around & right back down. Then as the evening went on he would come back & stayed longer. I gave him a crasin, & he looked around, dug the blanket-then took off.
Crazy bunny. Then he did it all evening long AND began to walk the entire length of the sofa & hop to the chair next to it???? whats going on...... dosen't appear to want anything..likes to jump?
wants company? we are right here..hmmm

Monday, February 22, 2010

yummm..a box

Nothing like a good box for a little snack.

sleeping bunny-shhhh

such a sweetie......chocolate chip, shhhhh....bunny sleeping.

yummm... chunky pineapple

chocolate chip's new favorite~~ chopped chunky pinneapple ..look at that adorable face.

applique- earth angels -books

I love to sew, quilt & applique. I draw my own pictures or photograph them. I think about what I want to make & get nervous that I can do it, I research `how to' - `how to iron', `how to sew', `how to applique', `how to use my machine', `what material is best' .... I make myself crazy until I actually START... Sometimes, if I have several things going at once... WELL...I do not know how the human mind works??
I pretty much learned all my sewing, quilting,crochet, embroidery from books & kits. My dear cousin Laurel spent a summer with us when we were kids & she had a knitting-crochet 4H project -I bugged all summer to teach me both. I was maybe 9-10. I must have made her summer the `summer of hell'. BUT-now I am an Excellent Crocheter & Knitter, and I have made everyone a nice crochet blanket. I work with several charity organizations, using my crochet skills I help to make comfortghans & angels for fallen solders families & folks with illness for many years , until just recently when I had the auto accident. I am on on a wee break.I had to rehab myself -I have memory loss -so I have to remind myself of things. I have a bag of crochet squares that I have been not able to do for the last few months due to not remembering how. I look at it all the time & go over the directions until one day it should just `all come back'? I cherish My beloved cousin Laurel, not for that. What we became to each other as adults is more important. We have always been there for each other.. .children, parents, divorce, weight issues, job problems, love, lack of love, spiritual, whatever ..... across the miles.I have moved across the country-3000 miles.She has traveled all the way- by herself with her 2 young kids to - visit. We have always kept in touch & most of all we just understand the other -- NO Judgement .She is a nurse, a loving,kind giving person. She joined the navy so she could go to nursing college. She has never stopped. She has her kids. Then..her dad died on his retirement trip at her home.HeartBreaking. Not long after-her husband lost his job & they were moving back home. He decided to stay with the house while it was on the market & she came back with the kids & moved in her old family house (the house had been packed up everything shipped) to her dismay he just never came was terrible .. -she returned to nursing and school work & her children has been in school for the last I can'tkeep track of the years getting higher education degrees. SHE IS AMAZING. Her children have both done well, daughter in college, going for medical education, son graduates this year. She is my hero- she has done it! raised her kids thru school... by herself..... AND taken along her brothers kids most of the time ... but I guess that is another story. I have been thinking about it she should write about survival..because thats what it was really bad... and she did ..survive..he sent no money..he made it terrible..lawyers across the country...plane fare-court costs..he was satan...she kept it all from the kids.. the stress I can not believe .... then living with her MOM auughhhhhh.... I would DIE.... what a life...she should be SAINTED She has her up's & downs like do I want to live today ??? why me??? I wish we could be closer ...I think she is an earth angel who works so hard & she think no one notices. Thats what an earth angel is.....
One who feel so much pain....they wonder why....why there is so much pain & why do I feel it so much..... yet she gives all the time never thinking of stopping....I do the the last drop of blood.....cut from the same cloth. thats a nice feeling to know someone so much the same.

I Love books. But I don't read as much since the accident - I listen to everyone. I read everything. I don't know what I have done more: embroidery,quilting, applique, patchwork,needlepoint... painting, woodworking . Crochet would have to be put in a different area because I have done so much of it for charity. I have worked day & night when I had specific things needed, or when I was helping a friends charity.. I can't calculate . As I look around my home I see all the quilting & embroidery & applique & I know how much more is `in the works' hahaahaa. Back to books, My 1st books were from my good friend Barbara, a woman I babysat for & whom to this day I have remained good friends with.( She is very ill, is '03 she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer stage4 & has battled it fiercely....) began getting me my 1st sewing books-the Better Homes & Garden & the books like that, where I learned crafts & stitches. I did not have a local library. We lived rural, you would have to `pay' to use the library. Who could do that? Those were exactly the ones that could NOT pay to us the damn library. how stupid. So the books I was given were like gold. I have them all... still refer to them as old as they are.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

pain day and Crasins rule

Brr.....another cold day. I have been dealing with severe back & neck pain. I have had a very high pain tolerance (childhood accidents-another story I'll share later) so I avoid drugs & can't use alcohol. Stupid huh? I don't know..... I have some medical knowledge, we have most of my medical records. Not allot you can do with back & neck. My Dr last said he thought neck surgery ....
We were in a car crash last year, and out of that I got an excellent neurologist. He treats me for chronic migraines which he thinks can help deal with the neck & back pain keeping control. Well the head pain began last night, I have to take the blue pill. It helps, but makes me sick. no difference.
Chocolate chip ran out of his favorite pellets !!!!! I don't know how this happened I guess we thought we had another jar in the pantry.....auuughhhh
he is very particular...and you can NOT fool him with the wrong food. Don't even try. One time my Beloved tried-he thought he could save a little by getting a less expensive brand of timothy & pellets... Chocolate Chip just REFUSED to eat in this `save' money... we ended up with several 5lb bags of cheap pellets -- if you read the label really are low protein -- which is NOT good for the MINI REX.. the Mini Rex should have %16 %18 percent protein pellet & all the timothy
they want. The Pellet Chocolate Chip refused said 14 percent & 15percent, you could even see the difference. One was very skinny & all the pellets broken into to tiny bits, the other was a fatter pellet and not as many broken bits, both needed to be sifted because they were very dusty. This is very bad for a bunny, you don't want them to breathe in this dust, so you need to sift the pellet. Then I sat them out to see what he would eat. I put a few of Crasins in the middle to lure him. he ate the higher protein & left the skinny broken ones. Next, I tried to mix them with the good pellets, to see if he will eat it. NO. Screw the Cheap-broken pellets.
Memo~Crasins RULE~!!!!!HAVE A great day..

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lisa Leonard designs % belladella, has an opportunity for a Lisa Leonard item.
I ADORE her Necklaces..... Go back and read BY BLOG AND YOU WILL SEE...
I just LOVE the entire design, I Love the dangling charm Plus the added jewel my favorite's are the : `itty bitty hearts', & `from up here' I love `from up here' so much I have sat with credit card in hand & actually almost bought it..... yikes. we don't have that kind of disposable income to just sit around on my neck. silly girl. But, it taunts me..... I think it around my neck, hanging, playing with the charms & jewels, hearing them glide back & forth as I feel them in my hands....aauuughhhh.

Valentines day

Photo's above Of Chocolate Chip... He likes RED...he took the envelope off the table while snooping for `crasins' and this was his late nite Valentine party.
A single rose from my beloved with THE most perfect card. Something that sound like I would have written. beautiful.


Auuughhhhh.....loser. who wants to hear that? aughhhh. another contest blown! I don't know why I bother. I was a child I lived next door to my grandma, well, actually my grandparents were my only neighbors. Grandma bought lottery tickets,this was back in the early 1960's. She would buy them for all the grandkids, their were a total of 6 of us kids she would put them in cards,birthday,whatever,holiday. Everyone would win something at least $10 ...except for me. Yep. Until grandma finally just kept my tickets herself -I guess it was just too embarrasing when all the cousins would be telling about their she just would still buy mine but keep it.. then by golly it would win ! Swear to GOD!. 1st time she did it was $10. I truly mean that. I have a life long legacy of this. Losing! well so there it is. contests over my name not any of the `winning names' I just want to win some fabric....but truth be known:I cant get out to get fabric.
I can't get `that' fabric of `that' quality by me. I have not actually every even touched that fabric, nor could I afford it. so I shall try for these occasional contests...because I don't know'd think sooner or later wouldn't I ... ? hhm ...I mean ..I guess I could really could be that unlucky...
my life has kinda been that way......hmm. ...accidents...injuries....since a very young age...hmm well hahha I have survived so it'd made me stronger if not lucky. So I WILL keep trying.. and at 51 you and I both know that I have passed the point of me ever being lucky, but maybe every once in a while the stars in the heavens have a set alignment every so often a beautiful event happens~ a shooting star falls from its place and changes the course...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fat Quarter Shop's Jolly Jabber giveaway

So,I have NEVER EVER had a Jelly ROll. I just recently found out what this even was. I tried to paste a picture here,it did not work so I took a picture of my email. I hope that is ok? You think so? For entry you have to write about it in your facebook & /or blog. I don't do facebook, I am not that computer savy-I just dont have the time & I dont really get it all. So to stay to my word I am writing about it in my blog. Now these jelly rolls are really expensive. My Lord, I went to a fabric store by me & well I live rural so that was 30 miles & they are small & dont have alot & I guess I was expecting more of a selection like on the internet. Duh to me ! they had just 2, and I was SO EXcited I picked 1 up as if I was going to buy it, I wanted to-I would have-I intended to,BUT it was $75.00!!!!!!! my hands started sweating & shaking.......I put it down and my ears even began to get hot and my neck. I think I was near ready to pass out. I was new to this jelly roll stuff & had not seen a price. I Have not bought bought fabric on the internet so I have not looked at the prices......I am not in that league.....I buy on sale..with the store coupon.... even then...I ...need to be `creative' in order to sew. You know. Times are hard,we try to be careful. I am 51, We homeschool our youngest 10, my parents are in their late 70's & for the last 10 years we have financially taken on alot to help them (30,000 plus) medicare does little,dad had several strokes-lost vision 1 eye needing several surgergies.... years of dr & hosp appts.....I can't go on it's too painful & it wont get our money back. My folks cant pay & well....They have a house to live in because of us. life goes on.....If the saying ~what goes around comes around~ is true then we will always be ok... as we have always taken care of others .But I digress. Back to Jelly roll s

I have never used fabric like this-it is WONDERFUL~texture of the fabric is something. Not like the sale fabric I am used to. I UNDERSTAND i guess why the prices are a bit higher...... ouch... yes I said that... Now I have not used it so.... I dont know how it really is- how it sew-how it washes-how it hold up... But I would LOVE to have the Opportunity to have it in my hands. It looks wonderful.

''We're giving away a Sent With Love (by Deb Strain) Jelly Roll and a L'Amour (by Sandy Gervais) Jelly Roll to two lucky winners -- one by Twitter/Facebook and one by blog! ''

Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday another snow


another odd snow for the Carolina's. It is just lovely !!!

flower afghan

This is all crocheted all the same flower & I assembled in the lattace format.

Chocolate Chip & Crushed Pineapple Yumm