Friday, April 30, 2010

apple applique

This is a tribute to my childhood, my grandparents had an apple orchard,it was in our backyards. My grandpa grafted apple trees and `created' some of the most gorgeous & delicious apples, my grandma & I picked apples & made apple `everything', mostly warm apple sauce...
..I have many, mnay wonderful memories of them, now that I have lost my dad in such a sudden way I feel that I have lost not kust `my way' but my `threads' to that side of my life. I have moved from where I grew up & they raised me so I close my eyes to remember. So theses will be my MOVING Pictures of memories....OK?
I will have this

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  1. fabulous applique ... and lovely story.. sounds like this could be expanded ..story & pictures..quilting...a life of something lovely.loving people with facinating story & i know that you are ht one to tell it the question is do you tell it with the pain--thru the pain OR try & wait until the pain subsides..but you know that can be years.... & then you are drawing on memories & ...maybe you should do what you worked with your dad & he told you stories...put yours down while you can