Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bubbles & light stights ... oh well

So I had the dreaded Dr appt with my cardio ...and I this low potassium thing that is depressing.
My husband had to hurry to get to work so I had little time to `feed' my frustrations beyond him stopping at the drive thru for next door was a `dollar' store & I went in & got thru maybe 3 aisles. That was enough time to get bubble's (my grandma always had a jar of bubbles to blow) I have a bag with every size & shape of wand I can find I am always on the look out for another. I am aways `creating' a new bubble soultion my son & I can be found in the back yard on many weird weather days making bubbles. the bigger the better. I also get those lite sticks that glow in the night. These are things that I never has as a kid. The dollar store has them.
So I get in & out & my husband will not be late for work. I guess this will be my `release'. oh well.

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  1. cute idea ... to treat your self.. you ask for so little