Friday, April 30, 2010

applique house in comfort PJ's

this is my dream house :) all sleeper pajamies from my babies-worn in places to bare threads
I began it by hand, I have cut all the pieces out from soft, worn sleepers & shirts & baby clothes.. but I have a bit of an arm disability and Iam not sure if I will be able to applique & quilt like I usedd to & want to...hmmm I can go to the sewing machine & go vroommm. what should I do?
(I had a tumor removed and the surgery was worse than anticipated & they had to go deeper it was wrapped arounf nerved & muscle so they had to sever them in the process, so getting back ability was nill. I have had more surgery since to aliveate pain but they said I would never get back ability.) I never adjusted to it I just go about my merry way and pretty much do what I always have done...just slower & maybe I run into roadblocks when I reliaze it is not what it was...auughh so I do it over & over & over until I get to what I what ...more like what it was or...what is accetable...
I was once really good as an artist, crochet, knitting, sewing, crafting, even a woodworker yes I was an excellect and skilled crafter at tiny wood pieces..I shall put some photos up later. but now my hand shakes so ...not sure ....
what do you think...
and should I make a wall hanging a pillow a blanket hmmm

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  1. omg adorable what a wonderful tribute ..and the memories of all those PJ's. so cute.