Saturday, July 24, 2010

uh oh

Look carefully at each of these photos. The common thread they share is that my Bunny
Chocolate Chip has become a bit of a `un librarian' ..... haha (is that a word??) We had no Idea what was going on for weeks, books all over the house. No one had any idea it was the bunny pulling books off . Every morning you would wake up and `a pile of papers & books' would be waiting..... Mystery, I believe in Angels & the books that were taken out were always bunny books or prayer books. If you told me it was the bunny doing this..... until he was caught red handed..... well... this bunny LOVES munching on paper... and he LOVES having his own paperback... so in photos if it looks like the floor is `cluttered with papers or little books' that is his little area... and he loves it oh he has a phone book thrown in the mix to munch on.
crazy bunny.
I have taken some papers & folded them and put them on the shelf for him to munch to make snowflakes for Christmas... He likes different thickness, so I am giving that a try?

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  1. So he devours books? Ha! Chocolate Chip is so fun and funny! I LOVE him!

    Thank-you for your great encouragement and comments this week.

    love, kelee