Saturday, July 24, 2010

basil & tostitos

We have had so much rain... this southern heat & humidity is so bad they have had warnings on the news.It just seems early that the high temps & big rains have hit so early this year. This week we have had 97 degree days again, and that's not adding other factors..

now.... I know one little fellow you will NOT find complaining about the weather .. the above picture gentleman....yes...once again..let me-- introduce: Chocolate Chip... He is a Velveteen Rabbit=A Mini Rex The bunny from the story book. Yes he is soft. sooo soft you can't keep your
hands off him...BUT... Mini Rex's are funny they are royalty and decide when they want to be touched. So he has to kind of come to you. Chocolate Chip will hop up on a sofa next to you. The cutest, is he has a wee child's chair that he will hop into-when he is in it he will wait for a papaya treat or cheerios a nose rub. It is adorable.
He was named Chocolate Chip, partly for his color it is called `chocolate'. Look at him & it looks like he was sprinkled with chocolate chips.
We called him a terrorist at 1st, when he broke out of his cage every day & night. Eventually, we decided that he was going to really hurt himself breaking out of the cage. so we gave up & left it open & bunny proofed the house. What an range....meaning, he has a cage but goes there for water & to use his `potty box', eats pellets, then runs very, very, very, very, fast to other parts of the house, mainly the living room. He has specific areas & `we' have `agreed' to. kind of .. Chocolate Chip likes to hide under the sofa along the wall & under my husbands big desk. So,once we figured out his `spots' I made quilted & back up fleece blankets & set them in his little areas & tried to `work' out an `understanding' with him know the CAGE or the blankets kinda things... well it took a bit but we we eventually came to a `potty trained' understanding with each other (more or less)
......So the reason he is totally fine with the weather is that HE LOVES BASIL & parsley & I planted 12 basil plants for him & the have been growing wonderfully with with hot rainy weather. Every day we just take a few steps out the front door with a scissors & snip ... Lucky Chocolate Chip has fresh Basil & his snack ` chips' Tostitos a cool house. Oh yes he has a bowl of fresh Timothy nearby. I tried a tomato yesterday, he should have liked that? well I did... vine ripe yum ... His other yummy is papaya. and apples He LOVES apples. He is off carrots this week.. the last few weeks he was off parsley? he is like that. I think it is the stores down here & how the taste varies....or can be yuck day to day. hm mm

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