Sunday, June 27, 2010

charitable quilters

Quilters are a wonderful bunch of people, who you'll find do quilting mostly for people other than themselves. So I would define that as CHARITABLE. From waaayyy back to the early farm days. I know my grannies on the farms made rag rugs & patchwork quilts out of need & gave to any neighbor that was in need in any way, be it food clothes, help bringing in their crops, illness ...a helping hand was their by my family even though they could not afford it themselves, that was the way.
At a wonderful quilt is made by~12 designers each making a quilt unique square that I find almost defines them. Sewn together making a beautiful quilt for the charity. It is GORGEOUS. You can also click on each designer & purchase their square & make their square part of the proceeds go to the charity. For more information you can click the link. It brings awareness to a charity, and you discover many amazing wonderfully creative women!!!!

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  1. So True! Quilter are big-hearted! Yeah!

    Thanks for stopping by and I LOVE your bunny!

    love, kelee

  2. Thanks for your comment on the honey! It is truly a wonderful elixir.
    We have been given all we need in nature if we just look to it!

    Thanks so much for sharing /caring!

    love, kelee