Saturday, June 19, 2010

middle of the night snack

what a racket I woke to at 3 am...what on earth could it be I thought??? this is what it was...
I grab a bat from behind a door and creep thru the house and what do I find? Dear beloved Chocolate the midst of a ` CRASIN craving' deciding to help himself.... auughhhh!!! Usually we have a line of Craisins lined up on the coffee table  and he stands up thru out the day and helps himself. It is very cute. Nearby is a tupper bin with more~God forbid we run out. We also discovered recently he LOVES CHIPS... But specific brands. that's the other dish in the picture. note it also is empty. Well, all that clatter & look how he sits with the look of `no problem ' in the world.......Hmmmmmm. wish a snack could do that for us all... :>)
                            naughty  bunny


  1. I worry about the chips...chocolate will give a dog a heart attack. Might check on it....I am the perpetual animal worrier! He is so amazingly wonderful I am happy to be a god-parent!

    So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

    love, kelee

  2. hi kelee,My crazy Bunny eats `snack chips' not `chocolate chips' I see where my wording was was confusing. He does have a sweet tooth & but gets apples for that. The silly bunny is nammed Chocolate Chip, he is a vevelteen rabbit, like the book, we thought he looked like chocolate chips were tossed all over him ... so we call him ` Chocolate Chip' we have a dog right next to him so could not have chocolate either :)