Monday, December 6, 2010

me and my blankie

Chocolate Chip always finds a blankie this time up on the sofa....that is the cutest face.....don't you just want to grab him and give him a big squeeze?? well he does not like that-it has to be `his' idea or forget it... he has to come to you...silly our house..he adores my husband  (probably because he does not do the grooming-nails clipping-cleaning ears..he is just the fun guy with treats) so I get to send cyber
   ((((((hugs and kisses))))) to that silly cute bunny
have a fun bunny day


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Chocolate Chip is so handsome and I can tell his fur is like velvet.

  2. Hi! I´ve got two bunnies actually but they´re very similar, brother and sister. And they are not minirex but giant pappilon so they´re going to be huge as grown-ups! Thanks for stopping by and I´m afraid I don´t have an english blog at the moment but you can use Google Translate. Now I´m going to check out your blog. All the best!