Friday, January 14, 2011

a bunny and his private area

This is Chocolate Chip in his `private potty' area as you can see he has a box of timothy and a nice bunny  litter box  -- he was easily trained for that blue box potty box and went tinkle in the hay box he used both with in the 1st 2 days. BUT..,.somewhere along the way he decided that he rather sit where you see him...backing up into this corner to tinkle-  it all rather tidy, as we had wax paper down and paper towels there to catch pellets, hay - spills... ( like he figured it out already? rather than jump into the box just back up? hmmm? ) it has been like this for a few months. I can't complain because now
Guess what he does?       He began following the dog outside! YES and now he sits at the door and has a `pose'  ~yes `POSE' ~ A SPECIFIC `pose' is what this crazy bunny will  do indicate that he wants to go `potty'  out on the  outside deck.  He has a  special spot kinda under table then he moves over to eat a branch from a bush and  leave a big pile of his `chocolate chips' ....I have never had a bunny train himself to go outside before.  Chip is just Too funny !!
~~ This is the life of a Free Range Bunny in our House... a little give a take  : >)

Oh this is about the only time he gets near the cage, if you look close-you can see this is cardboard around a big cage that was our attempt to give him some privacy..... and he has  fleece blankets  a fleece lined shelf, colored toys hanging from the top, pellets are all he come here for. He gets fresh food from the kitchen.  Right outside this little house area we have special dishes lined up on the kitchen floor for applesauce, pineapple, some apple/celery. He used to come in and do a bunny flop and rest in the there but now has SO  many other places in the house to hide that this has no purpose. There is a little blue kennel cab in the living room also, I keep it there for him for safety if he needs a place to go, we put papaya tablets in there, every so often so he goes in checks it out, it is by his favorite living room sleeping spot.
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