Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Chip had his nails cut today and will not come out for a picture. Plus I also brushed him out and cleaned out his private area. He is VERY VERY mad at me.
He was Sooooo mad he ran to his CAGE!!! and sat under the shelf peering out at me with bulging eyes...that's mad.. REALLY REALLY MAD !! He never ever goes in his cage...never ever, ever, never-since he was brought home and decided as a young bunny that HE was meant to be
free range -thats is how mad he is.
Oh, I  also trimmed his lower teeth too.... really really mad...
I even offered him oatmeal flakes in a wee dish and he snubbed me.  Auughh!!! I am in really hot water.... with  a Mini Rex  you have to ask for forgiveness the books' say.  Tell him "I am sorry" - Ask  him to forgive you.  "Please your highness  I beg you" and when I have suffered enough of his wrath perhaps he will look kindly upon me and  forgive me?? until then ..  My husband comes in their door from work and he can see the delima and ..well we have been down this road before.
So what does the `Hero  husband' do?Well, rush to get Fresh Cilantro -some chips- some oatmeal flakes his real favorites!!  Chip was still in his corner but heard the clink in the dish for parsley. Chocolate Chip knows the specific `clink' for each dish.
The applesauce dish is different that the pineapple dish or fresh apple and the parsley dish is different is different than the chip dish as is the oatmeal dish. And we `clink' them so He knows wherever he is.. he can `hear' what is being served. Silly? He will come running IF he is in the mood. So it left him to think while we cleaned up.
Yes. 10 minutes later vacuuming and wiping the floor a Blur of fur ~ZOOmed ~~~ by and yes Chip was very happy  .....   but still not with me.   Maybe tomorrow?
{{{bunny hugs}}}

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