Saturday, February 5, 2011


All is forgiven.. One thing I have learned about having a Mini Rex is that when you `offend' them~and that can happen daily~thru-out the day... and usually does in some minor way.  But I digress....
What you have to do --Is get down--- floor level with them-look them in the eye, IF they don't give your the `butt' ..and plead for their forgiveness... over and over-tell them you are sorry and did not mean to do what ever you did  will never do again... HONEST  ... I swear this is what you have to do!you may be forgiven right away-you may get the `butt'-- you might get the half butt and they slightly turn the head indicating maybe- I am going to think about it-come back later'    you get the idea.. It could be days where he avoids you and loudly thumps when you are around to let you know his displeasure... I have had it all...
Like I clipped Chips nails and cleaned his ears and combed him And he is really really mad.

2 days ago it was raining, turned to freezing sleet--dear husband let the dog  and Chip out side- I was upstairs sewing tutu's for the girls before dinner.  Guess what? He sat down ate and watched TV snoozed for over  4 hrs  when I came down I could not find Chocolate Chip ?  I Looked All over, Dear Husband was sound asleep, I have flashlight-looking under sofas-beds--I am frantic-the dog is fine, I shake the husband!!! after 20 some minutes---it occurs-not again--he did this before--left Chip on the deck---OMG!!!!!
are you kidding

HE WAS IN THE COLD SLEETING RAIN!!! I WAS SOOOO MAD!!! HOW CAN SOMEONE BE SO STUP % D...     AUUGHHHHHHH.. CHIP was so wet... I made him fluff him with the hair dryer .  Then we let him go to his to his favorite spot under our bed, after he got all his favorite foods. OMG!!! auughhhhh what a night....

Well here here is with his bunny, such a sweet little man.
{{{bunny hugs}}}}

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