Sunday, January 16, 2011


"I am very tired of having my personal and private areas `exposed".... poor Chip
In the spirit of sharing bunny care I have always kept bunny journals with art work and medical notes, even prices of almost everything.  Quite cute looking back, this was
all before computers-so it is in book form, complete with color drawings that looks like each bunny and each little dog we had at the time.  
 Each medical delima is spelled out and how it is cared for....what to do..what to watch for...medications...foods, food to avoid when sick.
Well...that was years of care and love with my mini dutch bunnies and the many vets that helped-even 1 university. 
That is why I share Chips  photos photos and stories.
Maybe some one else with a bunny will see something and get an idea for their bunny that will  help them or read a story from someones blog... That is really how we learn the littlest bit of info one person has may help another bunny person... I have lived in the midwest-the east coast-the south
and the Vets have been very kind for the `most' part and willing to work me and Learn..but alot of good that does.Not a single one knew  about bunnies  in any area I lived-rural, city, no matter.. I came in having more info than trained Vets.
1 had a brother who HAD a bunny and he my Vet went to his brother for help and we had a good relationship via this...and the Vet was learning alot he said-I has 3 bunnies and had a litter of which we kept 2 gave away the others the family & 4H.  Point Is Blogging is a really good way to share ideas - foods-medicines-creative living with bunnies-loving bunnies-
I have come a LONG way on my own if I has a computer & access to this back then WOW!! I had no bunny magazines-no blogs-no Vets-no bunny community- I had raised bunnies when I was a kid rural backyard in the '60s. no info.  This time I went to the bookstores & library for my children so they ad whatever was avail-and they knew everything that was out there on caring-maintence-medical etc on bunnies/rabbits. I do all the nails-teeth-ears-bottom-fur  issues myself same for or dogs.

Thats how I began bunny blogs, when I was getting a Mini Rex I looked for others to see what info I could find out on this `new' creature.
I've had bunnies since I was a small child, so did all my cousins.
(I have a large family, my grandma and grandpa both came from families of 12 - 13 children and when they married all their siblings and children moved to property my great grandpa bought-500 acre farm and were within a mile or 2 of each other) So I grew up knowing all my cousins and 2nd cousins and saw them all the time ..we all went to the same Catholic school that the family help build.  No one heard of this bunny -  Mini Rex aka the Velveteen Rabbit.
What I found out was that this bunny was/is pretty new to the American Market. Makes sense, or we would have know something. We all had bunnies for pets NOT for shows or anything like that.  Chocolate Chip happens to have
a pedigree - we giggled at that...we got him from a kind of a rescue that had some newborns with no mother-we had the pick of the liter but I was torn...she had already lost many more would she lose...what to do??? my husband would not let me take them all??? as I was turning to leave she said did I want to take a look at a 6 mo old?  what??
They were keeping him for breeding -but he was not old enough yet-but if I wanted a Mini Rex he is full pedigree.    (like I cared about that) 1 thing she said he hates his ears touched-he freaks out ....and his ears are a bit  large for show judging...???  like 1/4  or something odd...The poor bun was climbing the wall of his wee cage like a crazed bun when she took him out he climbed on top of her head--
he seemed a bit Looney -hahha.  I took him and he was a bit squirrly - but he had a tiny cage with nothing in it cages on all sides up down -sided-by-by-side and across the way soooo many cages with bunnies- I could not count(small the cages I read books bigger-Not typical cages) in fact I was almost not able to breathe after a while the atmosphere was so bad??). SHe began to go down in price on the bun. I was just concerned about what kind of treatment-sooo many rabbits there??  OMG....I had gotten all my bunnies as wee ones...  Could I handle an odd squirrly possibly looney and a  possibly mistreated Mini rex male??? I already knew I would take him.... even tho I wanted the wee one. Aauughh. She agreed to keep a baby rather than breed him and we got him for the price of the baby-I had prepaid for a baby before I got there......thats how I got the pick of the liter. So off we went. A stop a Dunkin Donut to Celebrate! Oops..Guess what he did?? he ate thru the travel was an airline carrier..he ate a hole in it...Quite the man..he had pellets and timothy, we were in there just a few minutes for coffee and carry out. Then to the pet store for the required new supplies, then home to set it up. We were not thinking we were coming home with a bunny that day rather choosing a baby.  We had the big cage all set up with toys and blankies so there was an area prepared.  So We were ok, But turned out he was NOT happy in a cage of any size. This cage was one we had for our twin bunnies. But typically you would use for a medium size dog, we fashioned it with a 2nd story shelf that they  loved to hop up onto lined with fleece-hanging colored blocks and bells  all remade for this new family member. The point is from where he came this is 5star!!  He was funny.. He was feeling ~~~free~~~ he spent the 1st night jumping we gave him an extended little area attached to the cage with his `potty' & play area outside of the cage ... that's where he jumped up and over. So I cut a big box in half and stuck his little head out of that and jumped. Then we put phone books on it and he tried again...he was quite the guy....anything to get out...he found a favorite spot and kept jumping until he found a spot without a book  I even put bells on the books so I could hear them when he would make a break...auughh...I would wake and find books off our bookshelves-here and there???? how odd I would think? I never had a bunny do that so I never put it together until I actually saw Chocolate Chip stand up at a bookshelf taking a book off-making piles, eating his favorites. Silly bunny!
After breaking out and eating his way out....we decided to just leave a little access opening and `bunny proof' the house- cords-rooms closed off etc..and ~~poof~~ the newly named : Chocolate Chip  would be free range
no more cage living.
This is the blog I really enjoyed-great photos of bunny living-toys-bunny troubles and favorite blogs Flynn  a mini rex

what a bunny


  1. Christina-Thanks so much for stopping by. I love Love your blog. Your Bunnies are soo adorable!!! Your place looks so magical. All your other animals are wonderful too-I am just a bunny-small dog person :>)