Friday, January 14, 2011

this is our Chippy's little area of` ` turmoil '  boxes,books and blocks..... quite frankly
it is this little area of his in the house that makes me crazy~~~what to do~what to do??
Every day he has a mess and if I try to make order Chip looks at me like I have committed the crime of the century- when I move 1 thing and he spends the rests of the day showing me where HIS things Should be!.... SO, AS Much as I THINK he would like his things tidy clean and in order...(and, well
we DO need to clean AND  clean I will, even if Chip will stomp,thump,and get mad  I am a house cleaner
who has a free range `crazy' mini Rex house bunny so  hahaha so we need to dust and vacuum daily.... I accept your timothy all over the fireplace you

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