Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Chippy Parties W/design gives Back

this is an article about little Charlie~the link above takes you it-Give it a read.

Below~ Leave a comment for a way to Give Back ~~ you may become a Jr Angel or who knows you may just earn  your Gold wings But hurry only until the 18th

Kelee Katillac transforms lives,Watch this video to see a true healing Oasis.Then PLEEAASE Follow the Link
because Kelee has a special group of Angels at 
DESIGN GIVES BACK and until Aug 18th
Every time you go there and leave a comment  $1 dollar goes  back       ~~~~~~YIPE EEEE~~~
Become a Follower   $1 dollar goes back~~~~~~~~~
now you know Collette-met Charlie tomorrow or follow the link...But act ~all you need to do is COMMENT~~~
It's a party-Time to celebrate-Happiness is helping others Chocolate Chip is in his party bowl... HOOOHAAA....
round up your friends  or kind of like friends, People you know. People,peeeeeoooople-people who need people. Don't let Chippy start singing Striesand...  Chippy wants you to
Become  A Follower Here too... http://bunnythreads.blogspot.com/
 and here
http://bunniesthreads.blogspot.com/ this is our sister or is that brother? site   we mostly just do book and movie reviews for christian publishers or for fun join us. I give away the books when I am done. 
BUT  for making your Heart Healthy you really need to go to this link    http://www.designgivesback.com/ 
REMEMBER   comment = $1
 Become a Follower $1
Post a blog $5.00
 {{{{Bunny hugs}}}}
 Thanks to all the Angels who take the time to help
we have until the 18th....lets go..go..go..go...go.go.


  1. Chippy convinced me. I made my daily visit at the design site. If I win anything I'll donate it back.

  2. Hi Chippers!

    So glad your got you a nice party bowl! You deserve it! Thanks for sending your bunny buddies to see us at DGB!!!!

    You are an Angel Bunny for sure.. I bet your ears are wings in disguise!

    love, kelee

  3. Dear Bunny Angels,

    Thank you for participating in the Miracle Makeover party and for leaving me the wonderful and much appreciated bunny comments. You all have sprouted angel wings and they look adorable on Bunnies.
    God Bless All,

  4. love the video! thanks for tuning us in. I will do my commentstoday

  5. ta da I visited Designgivesback & a fw of the links today

  6. I must say I adore my visit's with the Chip!
    What will he do next? He is the silliest,most expressive little bunny. Does he really have the run of your house? You must tell more or maybe is it way back in your blogs? Well, I am will go comment after this. Good job like the video, Excellent cause. Sweet person Kelee

  7. Such lovely people at Design gives back, I watched this video,Thank you Chippers. You really feel their kindness-when working with the children. Spectacular rooms! What can I say. Chippy is a good salesbunny.

  8. What can I say about the video?
    Such cute kids, Kelee is something else, I have never seen someone work with kids like that. The outcome so personal not that dumb extravagant extreme show.This was really the best. The best. Chippy I am happy you have abig bowl of something but what?

  9. go chip party on.
    does he get comission for sales?

  10. Like the bowl chippy, the links are really helpful. will use now

  11. phew got here ..Is CHippy praying, guarding his bowl, or is this a relaxed lesiure meal? Chip is a trip. I'll hurry over to the link & comment for the video.

  12. Oh my that was beautiful, I have tears, I love Kelee & Colette, Those Construction guys! What can I say. Thay have my comments.

  13. Hi Chip!

    You have been the mascot of the week!And Angel Bunny! You are going on the Wall at Design Gives Back...all come and see the amazing Chocolate Chip!

    We appreciate you and your mom...with full hearts....

    Kelee & Charlie

  14. Chip you are at www.designgivesback.com too!

  15. Chip your so cool- doing my comments now

  16. Chippy has a bowl of Timothy. As a good little Christian bunny he say's his prayers first,then enjoys guarding his bowl as he leisurely eats.
    Thank you to everyone for such a great *Chippy*
    Response!! Thanks so much to Design Gives Back
    for making Chocolate Chip mascot of the week & Angel bunny ..hmmm Going to have to probally give him some of my banana popsicle for this :0)