Saturday, August 13, 2011

Design Angels

This is about earth angels who do wonderful extraordinary things most people never hear about. I have  the pleasure of knowing 1 such Beautiful Angel design~host Kelee Katillac...Please click on the link & view the video over there..Pleease leave a comment!! every comment a dollar is donnated !!!   BE an angel LEAVE A COMMENT
better yet become a follower...I hope you become a follower of both of us 
( I could not figure out how to imbed the video so you have to click on the link
 Chocolate Chip felt so  emotional after seeing the video he needed to lie down  and rest  to gather his composure. So we will try to continue w/out him for a bit~ok?
It is really to hard really break it down... because  everything is so facinating at  so much is always going much attention to the smallest detail concerning the each person. Colors, Dreams...thats the
holostic part of Kelee I see come thru that I really admire that is so special.
Kelee b:w Host and Founder: Interior design expert Kelee Katillac has spent over twenty years transforming homes and lives. She is a leader in holistic design. Katillac has been a guest on CNN, The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Discovery Channel, Pure Oxygen, The Family Network and many others. Katillac's work has been featured in the pages of USA TodayHouse BeautifulBetter Homes and GardensDesigner BuilderCountry HomeBody and; Soul, The Utne Reader and hundreds of other publications worldwide. In addition, she is the author of two award-winning books including House of Belief: Creating Your Personal Style and Kids' Rooms for Believing and Belonging. Katillac founded Design Gives Back to help those in-need -- or critically ill -- to have furnished, functional, and hope-filled homes. She has been the national director for Habitat for Humanity's House of Belief DIY Workshop Series, and is currently the Inspired Home Expert for Guideposts: America's #1 Inspirational Magazine
this is my what I send to friends that are dear to me for inspiration support, and love!!

click this on see what miracle a team of Angels did

 Sam_RNI BW2 Television Production: Design Gives Back Media includes talent and experience from director Sam Sullivant. He has worked on productions for The Oprah Winfrey Show, Extreme Home Makeover, American Idol and others. His corporate video resume includes Ford, Hallmark, Applebees, McDonalds, and Colgate, to name just a few. Sullivant brings cutting-edge technical skills and a warm story- telling perspective to lead our video production team. 

Lisa pelofsky Fundraising Council: Fund development and charitable oversight is an important part of our projects and our team members from Pelofsky and Associates are responsible for these tasks. Lisa Pelofsky is the President and CEO of the company and heads all fundraising efforts for Miracle Makeovertm projects. Pelofsky and Associates has been providing fundraising consultation and counsel for over 20 years. The firm manages capital campaigns, annual giving efforts, special events and other fundraising activities. They have raised funds for many worthy causes and are experts in the area of healthcare related services. They have worked with celebrities such as Magic Johnson, Sally Field, Mary Tyler Moore, Betty White, Nick Cannon, Johnny Damon and many others. 

Sherry headshotB:W Project Development:Sherry Mirador co-produces non-profit events, fundraisers and cause-related campaigns. She has worked with Magic Johnson, Clay Johnson, Flex Alexander, Columbus Short, Brian White, and others. As a talented designer, Sherry's work is award-winning. She outreaches to help others in the community through creative workshops. Soon to complete her MPA, her business skills combined with her creativity, and caring personality, make her a true asset.


  1. WOW! Anna & Chip!

    I am so humbled. Good heavens. Your kindness is amazing. Thank-you for this most passionate post. Chocolate Chip has got the sweetest bunny heart in the universe! You are right there are angels on earth and you two are included in the angel team! Chips little bunny wings are carrot shaped and yours are pure gold for this generous post.

    The whole team is SO honored to be featured here. Charlie and family thank-you profusely for all of your kindness and spreading the word.

    In Gratitude & Joy,

    Kelee & The Design Gives Back Team

  2. Anna and Chip,

    Thank-you for your support, as a part of the Design Gives Back Team, I am truly blessed to be a part of a truly dynamic team! My talent is God given and I want to share it with the world trying to make a difference. I am immensely grateful for this blog and what it means to our team, the Grady family, and a future Miracle Makeover participant.

    Many thanks and love,

    Sherry, The Design Gives Back Team

  3. I saw how Chocolate Chip was so overwhelmed so I clickled on the link and found whatyou said. I did leave a message to make the give back $ ~ I joined to be a FOLLOWER (is that right?)
    Really special people thanks

  4. ok I can follow orders too. I am off to do the same. I'll rept back.

  5. ok I went over there and signed up to be a follower. (I have been trying to put my favorite photo up but it keeps giving me red letters sayin it will not take it? it is just a little stuff bunny? I've tried from every angle) darn it
    so I posted a commement & became a folloooooooower. oh and saw the video.cute kids. whata story.

  6. Oh Chocolate Chip a project for me to do. How fun. I normally come here and read quitely.I love you and all your fun and information. Sorry i should have signed uo or said something but like you I am quiet. I will sign up to both of yours and go over to the designgives back because you said you've known her so I believe iin it then. I will sign up and comment.

  7. I just became a follower here & on your book site & oon the Design site & left a comment.
    ((bunny hugs))

  8. I came out of my quiet place. It took me a while because I had NO idea what I was doing or how to do it. But I signed up to both sites as Followers and left Comments and watched the video. Although I do not know what being a follower means. I also went to your book site and joined.

  9. Hi Ana and Chip and all of the lovely ones leaving comments for the Miracle Makeover - you all are awesome and litle bunny angels at the same time. Thank you for posting about the Miracle Makeover.
    God Bless All Of You,

  10. What a delight to that charmer see Chocolate Chip doing his usual drama. What would I do with out his antics? I tried to follow all the instructions over at the "Designgivesback" site
    comments,follower,commented at some of the sites...I do as many days as I can. Wondeful cause.

  11. Bunny hugs to all for the tip top way you all have been helping Kelee & DesignGiveBack
    PLEASE keep it up until the 18th
    {{hugs to all}}
    stay tuned for upcoming giveaway as a way to say
    Thanks for being there xoxo