Sunday, August 7, 2011

taking advice for Chip's carrot in a box,sshhh

OK  I did it.. Look and see... The carrot is out of the box!  *heehee*     I
I have the carrot set so it is `sticking out of the box'  so we will see what the Chipper doodle will do. Right now he is *thumping mad* at me because I cleaned house `really good', meaning I moved all his`things' so that I could clean. Vacume, dust moved his rocks, his hidey house, his basil-cilantro dish,
his chip dish, all of his toys, his books, his papers..pretty much everything got *touched* yes much to
Chocolate Chips dismay. If you know mini rex's/velveteen's they h-a-t-e change in the least little bit.
He came over sniffing around while I was using duct tape on the carpet trying to get all the
timothy out of the carpet, he came 'round behind me as was wiping the marble fireplace base off with timothy,by then I would have touched everything of Chips. So we set out fresh crasins,new basil,  cilantro, timothy, lined his books & paper back to his cozy corner. When we cleared out of the room, he investigated  everything, Moved some thing around and began an evening of *loud thumping*.

Camera is at the ready, family is in on it..
{{{bunny hugs}}}

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  1. so cute what will happen? I too am a quiet onlooker, I admire you & Chocolate so much,such a cute bunny living together not caged up with a dog all over the house with toys such personality.I never write I did for Kelee Design charity-that kimda scared me even to come out for. You should write a little story book onChips adventures& Make all of us some kind of character? Everyone Should tell something about themselves or if they are private-what they wantus to know that can be relatable. Like I am daylilliesnc I have a small circle of friends and I am very private. I love rabbits and sewing and art not good at gardening. I am learning to crochet because I saw the beautiful squares you had in this blog & the ohso beautiful flower blanket you made a while back. I love it.