Tuesday, May 31, 2011

3 trees w/ shinning star

So..I am kind of stuck, I don't know what direction to take with this? I guess it have to see where my strips lead me...uughhh. soo I am going to walk away...for now ...no looking back.... I mean this is hanging in my sewing area-so it looks at me all the time :O( I had ~Great~ ideas when I began it then `things' happened, 9/11 we moved packed my big sewing studio-all my fabrics & even my sewing table gone... moved into smaller home, Much smaller. No real reason, just the area dictated it. But many adjustments... Then I had a discovery of a mass on my rt arm & long operation-went sideways & lost ability to use hand... 2nd surgery within 2 yrs just for pain not to gain use..and I am struggling to `do' my ARTS. Enough of that. Lucky I had these things `done'- but my scope of completion the view I want, I am still working on. I have worked out sewing-crocheting knitting etc..just takes me -ALOT- longer than the average `anyone' ( this writing) probally took an hr :0( to write gasp) oh well in Life we all must learn to adapt. Litening to Adelle. 1 song has a bit of Coldplay to it in the beginning. Love her. Wow can that girl WAIL. Summer Haze {{healing prayes to all out there}} <

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