Monday, May 30, 2011

Sweet Frank

A LOVING BUNNY FRANK  has left us this sad Monday morning but I know The Lord had waiting His best Angels to guide our dear Frank to the Rainbow bridge. I have followed  Sweet Frank  and have loved him and I tremble with tears and sadness at his loss, Imagine his dear Nicole at this time.   Such a loss is much to bear when we care for beloved buns,  nursing them thru illness, sleepless nights.
Sweet Frank  gracing us for 10-12 years what a blessing~ 
 He had a wonderful life !!    What a wonderful team!!
Today I am in tears, no beyond tears, sobbing, my head is throbbing and nose is stuffed~as I sit stunned with the news a dear bunny friend Frank has lost his valiant struggle.  We have lost a dear sweet friend. Nicole has cared and loved Frank for many years as dear Frank was a family member.He was about 10-12ish. I wish I had a photo  Frank is a beauty soft chestnut with a white nose such a doll.  He just makes you smile. I would LOVE for everyone to bid Frank a farewell and give Love to Nicole who must be in pain...the kind I call you either sit still in 1 place crying and can't move and hope no one interfers with your misery so you can embrace it or it is so painful it takes to to your knees on the floor and with out reliazing it screams come out of you and you don't know where  or how  then you wonder if the pain will ever stop every time you think of your loss.    ( I lost a son, my dad recently but my buns I tell you having gone thru those 2 losses are just as bad) so grieve-cry-scream ..I do and I stand before the Lord proudly doing so! I love them and raise them they are worthy of the same grief and love.(((HUGS))

  May Archangel Michael be at your right hand
     Gabriel at your left~before you Uriel
Behind you Raphael and above you sweet Frank
The Divine Presence of God our Heavenly Father


  1. Thankyou for such a loving tribute to Frank, Iwent over & saw him.You are right.he'so cute & omg how kind ur to feel others pain.great bunny community

  2. Bless you Frank & Nicole.
    I will follow the link & let them know we are thinking of them.xoxoxo

  3. Thank you so much for your kind memorial to Frank. My grief has been eased by knowing how many smiles he brought to people's lips.