Monday, May 2, 2011

books and confusion     

Above, This is my alternate/second site, I decided to do my reading/book reviews over  there.  I'll  see how it goes  (I am conflicted)
 I don't really want to have it all on this site`bunny/arts' here, book reviews on the other.  In case I get `strangers' to look at the book blog-which we is supposed to happen. The publisher's encourage us to surf each others book blogs, often best written reviews are voted on, so seeing what others have can guide writer's or seeing a review makes you want to read the book or not. I would rather they not read thru all of Chocolate Chips private life,  so I will do this other book blog like a split personality-Chip will have just a small part over there Jolli too.
so....I will give it a try.

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