Monday, May 30, 2011

chocolate chip n' pita chips

Chocolate Chip got hold of the bag of Pita Chips-He LOVES these!!

Chip is working his way stealthily into the bag of his beloved Pita Chips-during a beverage break
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 Our Sweet Chocolate Chip has a problem! When my beloved husband has a snack, which is every night
and in the same chair...Chip has a little chair next to this chair and chip has figured out that he LOVES
certian SNACKS!  Now  we have NO idea how he can figure this out but he does. He just KNOWS when it is
Pita Chips! He can he in another room-and he will come out of nowhere and suddenly be sitting on the arm of the recliner...waiting...for a pita chip. These pictures were taken when I was on a loveseat sofa, I have mini camera and books all over, they went out for beverage, Chip thought~OMG THE BAG OF CHIPS IS ALL MINE

 .....time to get the basil  out, I'm just sayin-he can get out-of-control!!!

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