Tuesday, January 5, 2010

taking down Christmas

It's thats time of year, auughh, takinging down all the pretty decorations. Not only is it an unpleasant task, but it simply makes everything seem so dreary.
Allow me to explain the Photos below:
1st:itis I, Chocolate Chip gift wrapping having a bit of trouble with scotchtape
2nd Main street in our little village leading to the courthouse-all lit up
next Again Chocolate Chip with a Christmas card
4 th photo is our house with our 1st and literally only snowfall.
last taking down anna's hand made Christmas stockings. All the delicaten hand work that goes into some of the Christmas decoration-we should leave these up all year.-You know? It seems they are out for just a few weeks then poof packed away again......well. . I have a box of them always `in process' cant help myself something magical about Christmas stockings. My mind is always spinning ideas with them....Everyone in the familly has more than 1 or 2...hehehe

So that leaves lights & snow men...OH Well....We will leave them alone for now....
As long as it is still winter they are still in style, but I will leave clear lights up for now. They look sweet all year long like stars twinkling in the sky .
Besides that, I pledged long ago to leave Snowmen out all year long so I can enjoy them throughout the year. I have a bookcase with 2 wonderful shelves filled with adorable Snowmen all year. During the holidays they get scattered all over, then they slowly make their way back. They are every shape & size. I just adore them. Now & since I was a wee child in my red snow suit out in the snow back in the midwest.
have a happy day
chocolate chip & anna lee

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