Tuesday, January 19, 2010

ILLuminate with Lisa Leonard

I just love this site
Lisa Leonard makes the most adorable...Beautiful jewerly..Go over to her site and take a look. I have Emailed everyone her link.
Everyone who knows me knows that I am an a photographer-I do Nature.
Outdoors-Animals are my most natural `gift'. I grew up very rural & was outside all the time-I guess I just became `tuned' in to nature & animals. I had a way with these things-all flora & fauna. I read alot as a child & somehow I began drawing & was good at it. I drew what I saw. The Same with a camera, tho I felt a camera was like cheating for the longest time. But I was in a bad auto accident a year ago I I had a bad head injury & along with my arm & neck & back injury-- I see that we dont have to `fight' to make life so hard.....its hard enough. Once in a while we need o allow things to be easy. camera get photos at a moment in time-they same it and we can go back anytime and remember it. Drawings & quilting convey art in different mediums. I Love quilting...You can convey art in many ways & provide comfort.
I love it.
My grandma had promised to make me a quilt of my favorite comfort colors..(? raspberrys- blues-- yellows --I blended with whites I think.. She lived on the farm up in the North woods, & I was to bring `scraps' .. I was going to have my very own QUILT.... I dreamed about it. A quilt meant LOVE. made by hands. Bound in layers. Made with the colors God created. You pull it over you to Comfort you & warm you & HUG you when maybe no one else can. In the ~quiet~ of the darkness when you are alone in your thoughts...you have a comfort of a hug from a quilt to see your thru till the light appears in either the day or your heart again.....because BOTH will.
but until they do ..you have the lovely beauty & comfort of a quilt. AND IF YOU ARE SUPER SUPER LUCKY Your life can be ILLUMINATED with the silky softness of a Lisa Leonard necklace.

chocolate chip & me

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