Monday, January 25, 2010

Rainy days

Rainy Sunday. I do love a gloomy day every now & then. I feel like nothing is `expected' of me.
I always have my `house' in order, before I go to bed I actually clean & vacuum the floors & stairs & gather laundry & do it if I have a load, make sure tables & counters are all clear & ready to go. Prepare things for the next day medicines & Vitamins for everyone & Chocolate Chips potty box & food, even a special snack area we have set up to keep him occupied via toy & food. I do all this because I am ALWAYS the last to bed AND ... My dad was a fireman~ 18 of his family also police-firemen.I was `trained' that emergencies happen at any time~ and did Dad was called to fires during work~during dinner~during the darkest time of the night. It did not matter what was happening. So I just grew up learning to be prepared. He would come back from the fires & put all his fire gear in the stairs to the basement. It was easy to quick & easy to access. His long heavy fire coat, the big heavy fire helmet with the ID number, the tall rubber boots... . For some reason I got up to hear about the fire. ...I learned ~~ a lot~~ always always clean the lint from your clothes dryer....that was the #1 house fire...he would tell me how a dad was lost, how a family lost their house , family pet, how they went back for a family pet & lost their life as the fire trucks pulled up....well I have a life time of fire stories-not for now-BUT they wired me to get my act together: before I go to bed GET MY CHORES DONE. BEFORE I LEAVE MY HOUSE: GET MY CHORES DONE. DON'T PUT OFF TILL TOMORROW WHAT YOU CAN DO RIGHT NOW !
Well. you get it... so add all this up...a life time of this ....and well I am ready for rainy days in bed. yessssssssssssssssss it is not a BIG deal to shuffle to the kitchen and brew a fresh hot pot of gourmet coffee~~~yummmm....while it brews..let Jolli out for his morning tinkle, scan the house, Chocolate Chip will usually follow me out & nose nudge my ankle, Chip will have a drink & eat & go potty & Jollimon also. Both are set for a bit. Check Chocolate Chips area-to tidy up-tho he never,well 95% of he time he is not in his `area'. He eats & uses his potty boxes & will hide under his shelf if he gets in trouble or every so often he bunny flops and will be found sleeping on his upper shelf or under his shelf...but soooo rarely it is more of a dust bunny catcher. He has soo many `House Bunny' places that he can be found, we even have special quilts in those places for him..
Well back to Rainy Latte in Bed. I think I will surf around for that beautiful material with the roses on white and dream that I know someone that might make me a quilt. ( no one in my family quilts)
Chocolate Chips area~ check~ check~ok~ get my favorite bunny jumbo coffee mug out fix up a luscious LATTE shuffle back to bed and see whats on tv
ahhhh.. the house is quiet

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