Sunday, December 13, 2009

I got her out of the Sewing studio to meet you. She is shy so dont expect a lot. We are standing a wee rag rug we made, well I was in the room when `we' made it. that counts-right?
these are some of her beloved quilting supplies......she cant live without...more to come..

Projects in the works are so many that we will just use the camera & put up photos.
Christmas stockings...applique & sequins & beads.

Also some that are ALWAYS in the works
going thru the kids clothes and we make a pile for donating to the local Christian mission. (the clothes mission is open to needy who can come in and take what they need and really appreciate the nice clean clothes.)
Then There is the beloved clothes that we simply cant part with...the adorable shirts-PJs- pants ..that the kids have worn either so often that they are seared in our memory or they are just so cute..well they get put in a SAVE pile... we well take a photo and demonstrate.
talk to ya later...chocolate chip

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