Thursday, December 10, 2009

Chocolate Chip welcomes you to Bunnythreads

Greetings! Welcome to Bunnythreads..
I am Chocolate Chip, a mini rex house bunny.
I will be the `SpokesBunny' (I can explain in more detail later, but it has to do with my deconstructing household goods & being called a `Terrorist' because I was constantly escaping my cage & living area...I was totally misunderstood during my `potty training' days.)
`Bunnythreads' is what we call our sewing studio here at home. I have been learning that sewing together fabrics is an entire world of wonderfuly
creative colorful people. ( here I was taking them apart)
AUUUGHHHHHH!!!! I just never knew.......
there is this entire world of colorful wonderful talented creative folks. (many have bunnys)

Ok . I hope I have said welcome & introduced myself.
I am 7 months old. Lets do the next Introduction.

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