Sunday, December 13, 2009

cabin in the north woods

This was all hand appliqued, hand quilted . The moose & wolves were done on the `fly' I lived very Rural at the time and just let my mind wander with my scraps of material. We just had 18 inches of snow fall and then winds took temperatures lower.
We had just moved into a brand new custom house we designed in the country, But... I was alone,
except for 8 bunnies and 2 puppies and the kids. My beloved was held up over 3 1/2 months due to building holdups in his new location where he was to be working by our new house,so I was in the new house w/out him-he was in a corporate apt in another state ughh and would come home every 10 days then back but it was days off for him coming home. But blasting in from being gone so long-he may as well have been an astonaut coming back :0) it was gruelling the `re entry' process but I digress- that is for another time .
So I was left alone to SHOVEL all this beautiful SNOW .... by the time I would get the drive shoveled in 1 direction, to the road it was already almost 8 inches high back to the house !!!and coming down more. I was getting great exercise. hahaha but I digress.. You will see - I was inspired with much SNOW sewing. I had much time to ponder the out of doors and the wonder of nature.

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