Thursday, May 3, 2012

Chip has been worried because something has been different with his `brother'. He went away for several days, when he came back he was different. He had a satellite collar on his neck and his back rt leg had a drain in and was stitched from to bottom. Plus Jol was very stumbly-in pain-it was hard for him to walk. He is mostly blind as it is.  So this photo shows Chip standing guard, showing concern  And he helps Jol to the door...yes he is our seeing eye bunny. But I'll make that another post :0)
Chip found a pkg of  his favorite treats-Alfalfa Slims (from Dr Fosters+Smith) he managed
to relocate it from a corner table over the full length of the sofa, over a tray of Legos,bunched
up on the far end of the sofa by a pillow. Now, mind you this was NOT discovered right way. Chip was  mighty nervous this particular evening. Jumping on and off the sofa like a nutcase. No one noticed because there WAS a pillow in front that rolled off onto the table suddenly! That is when HE got
CAUGHT!  poor Chip... like he never gets fed :-(  Look at that silly face ~ awww
this is the problem-that silly fluffy chubby face is what gets Chip in and out
of SO much trouble.
for the record, he has a 24 dish of pellets-24hr dutch oven container of Timothy-fresh applesauce every day because he DANCES TO THE REFRIGERATOR for it. Yep He will trip us Dancing in the kitchen if he hears someone & his `apply' dish is empty. He has even gotten the Dog to eating  Applesauce??? I never heard  of dogs eating applesauce-BTW-cinnamon applesauce??? they both go for the dish. We have to take it away-Bunny eats then the dog finishes-then dish gets rinsed. ?
Bunny has other food in dishes around the room Fresh Parsley or Basil (we grow it)
or what is at the grocers, treats-omgosh honey hoops-alfalfa slims-yogurt drops

I have a friend with a fabulous company~But I need you your help♥♥ She is interested in doing guess what?? ♥♥Bunnies ♥♥ I'm there.. I'd buy a Bunny Tote♥ Magnet ♥ Decal ♥ possibly a Canvas print although♥ my walls are sooo filled,ceiling down with Will Moses, Wyland prints♥lithographs♥neccessary photos of fur babies♥family and my quilting and my beloved Dads drawings of trees. Hmm where to find room? Back to topic.

 BUMPERPET      is *ALL* about animals,I encourage you to take a minute~click over,check it out. Adorable Tote Bags,Decals,Magnets,Canvas Prints. She gifts a generous amount of the sale of each item to Charity- 1 Charity is chosen each month. the site explains it all  click on  go to shop  or explore the site   BUT please you are invited to suggest send comments on Bunny ideas   Tell her 
Chip the Mini Rex Bunnny in NC sent you ,she will know maybe an entire lne of  Bunny things  will come that will benefit everyone 


  1. Very cute-I loved some of the funnies! I will share BUMBERPET around-Some fun things! They neeeed to PLEASE get BUNNIEs added that would be super, I can TOTALLY see Bun totes. OMG That would be so awesome. I did not quite get the personalized photo part but if you can do that with your bunny AWESOME.
    Thanks Chippy- but you look so sad getting caught again-What photo of Chippy would he pick?

  2. Love your blog! And the photos are awesome. I know that the personalized part can be a bit difficult, but if you have problems, feel free to email me directly at and I will help walk you through it! Have very much enjoyed my email relationship with Kathy and am hoping you email me photos of your bunnies or ideas to my email address. Warmly to all, Sue

  3. Enjoyed Bumperpet-LOTS of entertaining products.had fun
    Can not wait to see what comes with Bunny line= happiness
    will you let us know?