Tuesday, February 7, 2012

this is an old wire I saved from when dear Chip managed to get himself behind our big screen in the living room auughh-suddenly 1 day we loose all volume in speakers then it somes on and off?? surround sound acts weird? TV goes in & out-The LAST THING
we think of is THE BUNNY as the culprit!UNTIL I fiddle with plugs,hours later Loving husband finds this wire above~auughh~Lesson learned with this bunny. I have Never had this with any other bunny. Eeikk..crazy! Bunny Proofed every room.

`caught in the act'..Chippy was trying to break past the TV shelves to get to the
the *wires* that have so carefully been hidden,covered & now masterfully decoyed allover the house. Naughty bunny!


  1. hey my Dear friend Ghost :0) Thanks for visiting! I am so deliquent :0( with many `social' things... they are in my thoughts & at my finger tips♥.I've been working w/child to finish the year of homeschool~Happy~ to report as of this writing we are on the last 4 lessons of Science ♫♫Yipee♫♫ for me♫♫ I am done for the year w/7th grade & even have gotten well into 8th with all subjects. Mind you DH does Math & works at a slooower pace :0( oh well.
    As for Chip CAN you believe this nut?? he is adorable♥♥but